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Who is behind Youtuber Name Nayeem Alam’s Free Fire?

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Making YouTube content centered on games and gaming is a current trend, including Free Fire, a Battle Royale game created by Garena.

One of the players is Nayeem Alam, who also uses his own YouTube channel to upload recordings of his Free Fire gaming activities, like footage of their gameplay and game highlights from his games.

If you were also curious about Nayeem’s Free Fire ID Number, you might learn it from the videos that the YouTuber has released on his YouTube channel, GaminwithyNayeem.

Who is behind Nayeem Alam’s Free Fire Name?GamingwithNayeem

ID Number – 206923045

  • Although it is thought that Nayeem Alam is the guy behind the channel Fire ID, he is a Bangladeshi individual.
  • The YouTuber recently posted single vs squad gaming videos which have accumulated 1.53 million subscribers.
  • The Bangladeshi celebrity also has 45.1k Instagram followers.
  • He participated in 21309 squad games and has gone undefeated in 4219, giving him a victory percentage of 19.79%.
  • The game changer has recorded 39373 headshots in addition to 92455 kills, giving him a K/D ratio of 5.41 and a headshot percentage of 42.59%.
  • Last but not least, the Bangladeshi star has played in 221 team games and has won 39 of them, for a victory rate of 17.64%.
  • He has 1171 kills and 617 headshots, with a K/D ratio of 6.43 and a headshot rate of 52.69 percent.

How much does Nayeem Alam’s Free Fire earn?

$326- $5.2K each month is estimated Nayeem Alam’s monthly income from his YouTube channel. Social Blade also projects that the channel will earn between $3.9K and $62.6K in revenue for the year.

Early in 2020, the content producer reached 500k subscribers; by the beginning of the following year, that number had surpassed one million. According to Social Blade, the GamingwithNayeem channel reached 10,000 subscribers and 1.304 million views in the previous 30 days.

Is Nayeem Alam a part of the Guild and rank?

The excellent content maker is not a member of any Free Fire guild.

He has, however, achieved a Heroic rank in BR-Ranked Season 30 and Gold 2 in CS-Ranked Season 16.

In the caption of one of his most recent videos, it is said that he plays Free Fire on the OnePlus 7 Pro.


The trend of the battle royale genre has skyrocketed, particularly on the mobile platform. Games with large player bases and unmatched growth include Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and COD Mobile.

The emergence of content providers has also been influenced by how well-liked these games are by the general public.

One Famous Free Fire content producer Nayeem Alam runs the GamingwithNayeem YouTube channel.

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