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Best Alternative Megashare Websites to watch Movies and TV Shows

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Movie lovers always try to find the best websites, and Many of you know about the online streaming platform; then you must know the mega share platform. It is one of the largest movie streaming websites where you get streaming and download movies and tv shows.

It is a pirated website that was banned in 2014 due to hosting problems. It is one of the highly recommended websites here you watch all the stuff free of cost. Moreover, you get the content in different languages such as Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, English, etc.

In the tough time of quarantine, people ask for the best streaming platform to watch movies and tv shows. So Megashare is the best option for streaming online and downloading the content. However, if the website gets banned due to the piracy issue, you can use some Megashare alternative websites to watch tv shows and movies.

What Is Megashare?

Megashare is an online streaming platform that allows you to watch free content. This website collects information from different other websites. It is the best website to watch movies and tv shows in high-definition quality.

Is Megashare legal?

Megahsare is a streaming platform where you can watch tv shows and movies. The site provides free services, but it has pirated content; that’s why it is illegal. The Indian government banned all kinds of websites.

Alternative Megashare Websites 2021

No doubt, Megahsare is one of the best websites; however, sometimes government banned this site because of piracy issues. If you want one of the alternate websites, then you can visit some other websites.

Xmovies 8

Another best Megashare alternative website is Xmovies 8. The site is amazing where you get online movies and tv shows. It is a free website and provides online streaming services. Moreover, it is all favorite alternative website where you can watch the most famous tv shows such as the Game of thrones, money heist, etc.

All the services are free of cost so you can watch tv shows and movies in HD definition. You can search by genre, quality, years, countries, and subtitles. There are different types of content related to Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telegu, etc. The most amazing feature is that you can record motion pictures with this website.

What We Like

  • Free-of-cost services
  • Multiple categories
  • Both streaming and downloading services


Let’s talk about another alternative website is putlocker. It is a user-friendly website where all the latest content is available here. The high-quality videos are available here that you can stream and download at any time without spending a single penny. There is a wide variety of content that you can select according to your choice. Moreover, the downloading option is also available here free of cost.

What We like

  • User-friendly website
  • Free services
  • Variety of content


Vumoo works best with a high-speed internet connection. You can watch online or download the movies and tv shows here. There is an extensive collection of movies and tv shows in the library that you can watch. Besides, all the updated content is also available here, but you need to sign up on the website before getting the content.

What We Like

  • Updated content
  • Large collection
  • Amazing services with a high-speed internet connection.

Movie Flixter

Movie Flixter is another best websites to watch movies and tv shows. It works just like megashare, where multiple contents are available. This platform supports different genres like comedy, romance, thriller, science fiction, etc. It is the best option instead of going to the cinema because of the latest content.

What we Like

  • Latest content
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Old and New Stuff

Solar Movies

Solar movies website has the best features where you can watch tv shows and movies. There is a variety of content available, and you can watch whatever you want. The layout of the website is designed beautifully, and you get the content in high resolution.

There are multiple categories in which old and new stuff is also available. You just have to need a good internet connection, and the site is compatible with all devices. So you get the best services, no computer or mobile phones.

What we like

  • Multiple categories
  • HD resolution
  • Compatible with all devices

Just Watch

Do you know about the Just watch website that is a big website to watch movies and tv shows? The website provides the concept of cinema. The downloading option is available here so that you can watch your favorite tv shows and movies here.

You can get the reliable content of some famous platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. No matter what you like, all the genres are available here.

What We Like

  • Best sources Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu
  • Variety of movies
  • Both streaming and downloading options are available.


Icefilms is one of the trending websites where you get all the new release movies. Very few people know about this incredible website that contains multiple categories. Regular users never disappoint by its services.

Moreover, all the trending and new release movies are available here. It is the best place to watch the content with family and friends. You can simply invite your friends by sending links to the content that gives you a cinema concept. You must use this website once if you never use its services.

What We Like

  • HD Quality
  • Trending and new release movies are available.’
  • Variety of content

Tubi Tv

Just like Megashare, Tubi Tv is another best website to watch movies and tv shows. The site works perfectly for multiple platforms like Apple Tv, Roku, and ios Devices. Moreover, you don’t need to switch off another website if you are using it because it supports multiple genres like comedy and romance. You never get bored when you use the services of Tubi TV.

What We like

  • Free services
  • More compatible with iOS devices

Los Movies

Los Movies is also mentioned in our list because it works best, just like Megashare. It is an online website where you get all the streaming services free of cost. The front page is attractive, so users look happy while using this platform. The quality is not so good because ads irritate you while watching the stuff. In multiple genres, the site supports horror, science fiction, comedy, action, adventure, thriller, etc.

What We Like

  • Multiple Genres
  • Free of cost services


Hubmovie.cc is another best streaming platform where you can watch tv shows and movies. It is the best alternative megashare website where you get multiple categories of content. You can get all the stuff here in HD quality.

, there are different genres such as romance, thriller, adventure, etc. The different and best feature is that there are different streaming speeds, and you can select whatever you want.

What we like

  • HD quality
  • Different streaming speeds
  • Variety of genres

Yes Movies

Yesmovies website works best with both streaming and downloading services. All the free services are available here free of cost. No doubt, yes movies is the best site, but Vpn is necessary to use this website.

Moreover, the site is compatible with all the devices such as Android and iOS. There are multiple genres available such as comedy, romance, adventure, and many others. The navigation is easy because you can search by year, subtitle, and years.

What We Like

  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Free of cost
  • Both streaming and downloading services.


1337x is the best website, so we included it in our best alternative megashare website. It works just like a torrent site to watch movies and tv shows. However, you don’t need to spend a single penny on this website.

Some years ago, it was banned due to some issues, but now all the problems have been resolved. Multiple stuff is available here so that you can watch all the movies and tv shows here.

What we Like

  • HD quality stuff
  • Torrent files available

Movies 25

Let’s talk about another website named movies25 to watch movies and tv shows. It is one of the perfect streaming platforms and the best alternative megashare website. It is one of the user-friendly websites where navigation is sp easy.

All the latest and old stiff is available here in high-quality resolution. You just need a high-speed internet connection to get the best services, even in offline mode. You get the different genres such as comedy, romance, thriller, crime, adventure, etc.

What we Like

  • Easy navigation
  • Variety of content


M4Ufree is also included in our list of free streaming platform where you can watch your favorite movies and tv shows. The best thing is that the platform does not require a signup option. So you can get all the services by simply clicking on the website. The interface is attractive, and there are multiple categories such as thriller, comedy, romance, adventure, etc., so select the genre according to your choice.

What We Like

  • Beautiful layout
  • Ad-free Website
  • No need for Signup

Watch Free

Do you hear about watch free website? Watch free is the best streaming platform for all types of tv shows and movies as the name shows. One of the safest and fastest options to get the movies in different genres is horror, comedy, adventure, and documentaries. All the services are free of cost, and the site is compatible with all devices.

What We Like

  • Multiple genres
  • User friendly
  • Compatible with all devices


We are not promoting pirated websites because piracy is unethical and illegal. We just shared all those online streaming platforms that people use to watch the content.

Megashare is also a pirated online streaming website that provides the best services. People who use it can also know about the alternative megashare websites to watch movies and tv shows.


What is Megashare?

It is an online streaming platform that offers free access to movies and TV shows. It is known for providing streaming and downloading options for various films and television series, covering different genres and languages.

Is Megashare legal?

No, It is not a legal streaming platform. It is a pirated website that offers copyrighted content without proper authorization. As a result, the Indian government, among others, has banned Megashare and similar websites due to piracy issues.

Are there alternative websites to Megashare for streaming movies and TV shows?

Yes, if Megashare gets banned or unavailable, there are alternative websites where you can stream movies and TV shows. Some examples include Xmovies 8, Putlocker, Vumoo, Movie Flixter, Solar Movies, Just Watch, Icefilms, Tubi TV, Los Movies, Hubmovie.cc, Yes Movies, 1337x, Movies 25, M4Ufree, and Watch Free. These platforms offer similar services, with various genres and content available for free.

What are the advantages of using these alternative streaming websites?

The advantages of using these alternative streaming websites include:
Free services: You can watch movies and TV shows without paying any fees.
Variety of content: These platforms offer a wide range of genres and categories, catering to different preferences.
Streaming and downloading options: You can either stream content online or download it for offline viewing.
High-quality resolution: Many of these websites provide content in high-definition resolution.
Compatibility with different devices: These platforms can be accessed from various devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Is it legal to use these alternative websites for streaming movies and TV shows?

It's important to note that streaming copyrighted content from unauthorized sources, including these alternative websites, may infringe upon intellectual property rights and be illegal in many jurisdictions.
It is recommended to use legal and licensed streaming services that respect copyright laws and support the entertainment industry.
Please remember that the use of pirated websites and accessing copyrighted content without proper authorization is against the law and supports unethical practices. It's always advisable to opt for legal streaming services to ensure the rights of content creators are respected.

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