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Juno Temple Measurements, Shoe, Bio, Height, Weight, and More!

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Juno Temple is an English actress who was born on 21st July 1989 in London, UK. Her full name is Juno Violet Temple, her father’s name is Julien Temple, and he is a Film producer. And her mother’s name is Amanda Pirie, and she is also a Producer.

Juno completed her studies at Bedales School and King’s College, Taunton, England. In 2000, she began acting and, her debut films are a biographical drama film Pandemonium. Later on, she made many notable films like Atonement, Afternoon Delight, Wild Child, and The Dark Knight Rises.Juno Temple age

 Body Details of the Actress

Here are the body measurements of this charming actress:

  •  Weight: 108 lbs or (49 Kg)
  •  Height: 5 Feet and 2 Inches
  •  Bra Size: 30 B
  •  Shoe Size: 7 US
  •  Body measurements: 33-23-34 inchesJuno Temple net worth

Further critical details of the actress:

  • Date of Birth: 21st July 1989
  • Age: 31 years
  •  Nationality: British
  • Horoscope: Cancer
  •  Eye color: Green
  • Hair color: Blonde
  •  Spouse/Boyfriend: Joshua Thurston (2016-2017), Michael Angarano (2012-2016), Emile Hirsch (2010-2011), Shiloh Fernandez (2007-2010)

Net Worth

Juno Temple’s net worth was estimated to be around $1 million to $2 million.

Juno Temple

Dating History

Temple and Angarano first crossed paths while working together on the 2012 fantasy/comedy film “The Brass Teapot.” According to a source, their connection was immediate, and they had excellent chemistry on set. The atmosphere was intimate, and the entire cast formed strong bonds.
Their relationship was kept under wraps at the time, but they were highly supportive of each other. Temple, experiencing a rise in fame, appreciated having Angarano by her side to alleviate some pressure.
Although the exact timing of their breakup remains uncertain, they were together until around 2016. They attended numerous red-carpet events and parties throughout their relationship, culminating in their last public appearance at Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week in 2015.

In 2022, Temple entered a new relationship with Michal Szymanski, but its details are still being determined. Despite maintaining a low profile, her new partner accompanied her to various red-carpet events throughout the year.

Their affection for each other was evident during the London premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” in May, a Paramount+ event in June, and the 74th Primetime Emmys in September.


What is Juno Temple best known for?

Juno Temple is best known for her role in the Apple TV+ comedy Ted Lasso, but her acting career spans over two decades. Many people recognize Juno Temple from her role in the Apple TV+ comedy Ted Lasso, but her acting career spans more than two decades.

How old is Juno Temples’s character in Atonement?

In 2007, Temple gained fame for her role as a 15-year-old whose rape is attributed to the wrong man in Atonement.

What accent does Juno Temple have?

Since Juno Temple spent much of her childhood in California, she uses a Standard American accent in much of her work, especially in the Valley-tinged dialect of her character in "Afternoon Delight."

Who or what did Juno protect?

Many of Juno's titles and temples in Republican Rome reflected her role as protector of the city and of women, especially in marriage and childbirth (as Juno Lucina and Juno Opigena). She was part of the Capitoline Triad as Juno Regina, queen of gods and men.

Where was Juno worshipped?

Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva were worshipped in a temple on the Capitoline hill in Rome, the most sacred religious precinct in the city. This Temple to the "Capitoline Triad" was Rome's largest and most lavishly decorated Temple.

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