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Invisalign Treatment Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

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If you’re looking for Invisalign treatment, it is imperative to understand how the entire process works to help you make informed decisions. This is a considerate treatment that will improve your smile and give you more confidence when talking or laughing. Here is a guide to help you go through the treatment process effectively.


Identify an Invisalign Specialist

No doubt that the dental sector has multiple dentists offering unique services. It is imperative first to identify a dentist who offers specialized Invisalign services. You want to be sure that you get treatment from a qualified professional worth a bang for your buck.


Search around for experienced and skilled dentists from various online platforms and choose a dentist who offers quality services. Search for “Invisalign near me” and shortlist a dental clinic after checking the reviews to see what past customers say about the services.


Begin with Consultation

Now that you’ve found a specialist, you need to book an appointment for a consultation to understand the entire process. Your dentist will examine your condition and ask to know your dental needs and expectations.


An X-ray will follow a physical examination to get to the root cause of your dental needs. The dentist will look out for underlying conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay.


If you have underlying conditions, your dentist will determine what treatment of Invisalign to conduct. If you do not have an underlying issue, the dentist will devise treatment plans and advise you on the way forward.


The Treatment Plan

After the consultation, your dentist will create an Invisalign treatment plan suitable for your needs. The dentist will use a 3D scanner to get a clear image of your teeth to determine the position of the teeth.


Patients are different. What will work for you may not work for another. So, it’d be best to pay close attention to what your orthodontist is saying concerning your case.


Your treatment plan may take longer or a short time than others depending on your condition and goals. On average, the process can take about 10 to 15 months for adults and about 25 to 36 months for teenagers.


First Tray Fixing

Your clear aligners will get delivered after a couple of weeks. During this time, you will be expected to visit the orthodontist for the first tray fitting.


The doctor may suggest dental attachments and some small adjustments if your teeth don’t have a clear alignment. This will improve the fitting and make you more comfortable.


Sometimes, your orthodontist may need to place a composite on the Invisalign for a comfortable and effective fitting. They will hold the aligners firmly and impose the right amount of pressure on the affected teeth.


Before you leave the hospital, your orthodontist will show you how to remove and place the Invisalign back. This might take you some time before you get used to it.


You will also learn how to take care of the aligners, the dos, don’ts, and how to transition the trays. For instance, you will be advised to remove the aligners when you want to eat, drink and brush. Follow your doctor’s instructions for effective results.


Subsequent Appointments

The process isn’t a one-day treatment. You will need to schedule follow-up appointments so that your orthodontist follows up with your progress.


If you are progressing well, you will be given another set of aligners to change as advised by your doctor. However, you may still need to go back to the orthodontist for other trays.


Schedule your appointments every 6 to 10 weeks so that your doctor can determine any additional requirements to perfect your smile.


Maintain Good Hygiene

It is imperative to maintain proper hygiene to keep your treatment process seamless and improve your smile.


Invisalign does not prevent you from brushing your teeth regularly and observing other hygiene measures. For instance, you should maintain regular teeth cleaning to prevent potential issues during your treatment.


Also, when you remove the aligners before eating, you will increase your chances of getting the best outcome of your Invisalign treatment. Keep brushing and flossing two or three times a day and keep the aligner clean all the time.


Be Confident in Your New Look

No doubt that Invisalign treatment improves your smile and confidence. Following the guide above will give you a seamless treatment process to achieve the dental goals you’ve ever dreamt of.


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