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Internet Radio Station Equipment List: What Do You Need?

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An internet radio station is relatively easy to set up and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Many radio enthusiasts want to start a station of their own but they wrongly believe that the equipment will be too costly or too complicated to obtain.

This isn’t that much of an issue. The most difficult part of running a radio station is in creating the content that the audience will react to. If you have that part taken care of, you can always find and upgrade the equipment when needed.


The first thing you’ll need to record a radio show is a microphone. You may be able to use the one that you get with your computer or the one on your phone. However, you’ll quickly learn that those microphones can’t provide the quality you need for a professional recording.

It’s best not to try and save on purchasing recording equipment, at least not this important part. Buy something better than you need now, and you’ll be all set for a reasonable time as your show grows and your production cost increases. In addition, you also need a radio system Manual to set up all the equipment.


Another equally important part of recording equipment to get right away is a decent pair of headphones. Good sound quality is essential when recording, editing, and especially when conducting interviews. Precision is essential when editing and having a good set of earpieces can save you a lot of time in the long run.

It’s also important to take into consideration how comfortable the headphones are. This seems like a minor issue but when you’re using headphones for hours each day, it becomes much more noticeable. Don’t hesitate to spend on making yourself more comfortable.

A Computer

A computer is an essential part of your recording setup. It’s best not to stick with the computer made for personal use that you already own. Chances are that it won’t meet the needs of a business such as an internet radio station especially when it comes to editing and storing data.

It’s also important to add the software solutions you’re going to need in order to run the show. Finding the best internet radio hosting software takes effort and it’s important to try a few solutions out before deciding on one that suits your needs.

A Mixing Console

A mixing console is essential if you plan to become a DJ and produce your own online radio show. This is a device used to receive audio input coming from a variety of different devices and output the sound at a consistent frequency controlled by the DJ.

For instance, you can have music coming in from your archive, a sound of an interview that you record from a microphone and the two can be played interchangeably without noticeable loss in quality and frequency. It’s one of the most expensive devices you’ll have to buy, but it too comes in a range of prices.

Stand and Shock mount

Since the microphone is such an essential part of your setup, you should consider purchasing additional equipment to make sure that you’re making the most out of it. A microphone stand and a shock mount are therefore great additions to your recording room.

A mounted microphone will allow you to act naturally while recording and especially when doing interviews. Using a mountain will give you more space to conduct the interview and the shock mount keeps the sound clean and crisp even when the microphone is moved during the interview.

Sound Proofing

Sound quality is one of the most important concerns you could have when it comes to recording and making sure you’re producing a show that is good enough to be uploaded online. Therefore, making sure that your studio is soundproof is an important expense as well. Amateur radio producers don’t have a dedicated studio to record in and that’s what makes soundproofing even more noticeable.

It’s best to have a dedicated office in which to record and make sure it’s soundproofed. That way the process can cost less and it won’t affect the rest of your home, since soundproofing can affect air quality.

Data Storage

Recording audio files also means having to store the data you produce in the process. That may seem like a small task at first but after a while, you’ll have a lot of data to work with and organize and a home computer setup may not be enough.

There are two ways to go. One is to purchase enough hard drivers to store your data and the other is to invest in cloud storage. Both have their benefits and downsides and keep in mind that your needs may change as the show grows and you have more data to worry about.

An Internet Connection

Having an internet radio station obviously means you’ll need to have an internet connection suitable to the task. This is especially important if you plan to do live shows and want to make sure that your show can be broadcasted without lagging or losing any sound quality in the process.

You should also take into account all the different devices that you plan to use and how they may burden the internet speeds. It’s best to find an internet provider that will offer something a bit above your needs at the moment and therefore allow you to grow into the service you’ve purchased.

Equipment Isn’t Everything

Buying the proper equipment is important and for the most part, you can’t have an internet online show without it. However, the equipment isn’t the key to having a successful show. It’s about the content you produce and the relationship you have with your audience.

That’s something that often takes a long time to accomplish and you tend to get better at it over time. The right equipment can help and make the process smoother but it can’t replace the talent and hard work that goes into making a show, so it’s up to you and your goals.

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