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How To Safely Download Software From The Internet: A Guide By Experts

Downloading software from the internet might be convenient, but it can also be dangerous for your devices. This is because not all the websites offering software downloads are safe and secure.

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In the digital world, downloads have become the norm. It is rare to see someone without a smartphone and internet connection. It is because of so many digital devices; downloading has become almost a second nature while surfing the internet or looking for something on the internet.

Since the dawn of the internet, the concept of file-sharing has been a part of it. Dating back to a time when the computer’s users could access the modem to patch the local bulletin board system, the ability to download the files for free has been around.

After the advent of the Internet, the World Wide Web came into existence. This brought the concept of dedicated file sharing. Unfortunately, it allowed cybercriminals to launch their infectious malware software to affect users’ systems.

Outside of the dedicated file sharing, many websites were also launched where you could access data for free. These websites were known as torrenting websites. On the torrent website, you can access and download every content for free.

Talking about the downloads, do you know how to download software from the internet? The tech-savvy people know the answer, but people who find it hard to get along with the technology might experience difficulty.

How To Download Software From The Internet Safely?

While you will probably use the app store provided by the bega companies to download software applications on your phone and other systems, there are other software application marketplaces.

These platforms are paid to offer software to the users. The payment can be in commission or the form of advertising campaigns.

While there are other third-party platforms where you can get the software for free, yes, you guessed it correctly. If you are looking for any software for free, nothing can be better than downloading it from a torrent website like https://thenewpiratebay.org/.

Downloading software from the internet might be convenient, but it can also be dangerous for your devices. This is because not all the websites offering software downloads are safe and secure.

That being said, here are the steps to download software from the internet safely.

Step 1: Look For Reputable Sites

Safe downloading starts by visiting a reputable website – The internet is filled with malicious websites that show you software and make you download different software.

When you search for a third-party website for software installation, you will get many results. The results will be mixed with authentic and infectious websites. A reputable website will feel cleaner and clearly indicate the button you need to download the software.

In addition, even if you are downloading software from a reputable website, it is important to ensure you are clicking the right download button.

If you do not want to go through this kind of hassle, it is advisable that you download the software directly from its original publisher’s website.

Step 2: Scan The Source Website For Viruses

Once you have selected the platform from where you are going to download the software, scan the website for any viruses. This step is necessary because even the cleanest-looking websites are infected with viruses.

Scanning the platform before starting the download will ensure that no viruses are going along with the download. In fact, the majority of the anti-virus software applications have a default setting to scan all the software applications before installation.

If you have downloaded the file before scanning software, do not open it. Let the anti-virus scan the software, and once the software is marked safe, only then install it.

As a precautionary measure, you can run an antivirus scan at every step of the installation to ensure nothing has slipped through the cracks.

Step 3: Pay Close Attention To The File Extension

In addition to scanning the file, pay close attention to the file extension. There are times when you intend to download a particular type of file but end up downloading a different file. Now, this can be due to the malicious content of the downloadable link.

To ensure this never happens while you are downloading software from a third-party platform, always pay close attention to the extension of the file you are downloading.

That being said, Executable files with the ‘.exe’ or ‘.scr’ extension are marked dangerous files and must be avoided at all costs.

However, if your downloaded file has the extension mentioned above, be sure to scan the file before moving forward.

Step 4: Download The Software

Finally, download the software. After carefully checking the website and the types of software files its offers, you can move forward with your installation.

Do not be complacent at the time of download and installation just because the software was safe. Downloading and installation processes are sensitive to attacks, and malicious content takes advantage of this situation to slip through the cracks into your system.

However, even after following the steps and taking care of all the recommendations, you fall victim to a virus. We recommend you take immediate action to reset your device.

Backup Your Device In Multiple Location

One of the off-chance of downloading a software file is that it is always prone to external; attacks. Even though the website might be safe and secure, something malicious can seep into your device at the time of downloading and installation.


To mitigate the risk of dangering all your device content for the sake of downloading software might not be worth it. However, if you can make multiple backups of your device data, it ensures a recovery path if your device data is infected.

Final Thoughts

The Internet is the best place to find whatever you need. However, it is also the place where most things are fake. Hence, it is important to make sure your software downloads are safe.

This article has discussed the steps you need to take to download software from the internet safely.

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