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How to relieve daily eye strain with effective methods?

Tired from eye strains? Find out ways to relieve your eye strain. Buy prescription glasses online with blue lenses

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Deadlines, assignments, targets, performance review…That’s just a daily struggle. And what this daily struggle gives you – a lot of eye strain. As you are chasing your targets, meeting deadlines and spending hours on your digital devices, your eyes are silently suffering.


Getting better glasses can help in relieving your eye strain to some extent. Blue lens glasses, computer glasses or transition glasses can help in reducing your strain and fatigue because of computers.

What type of glasses can help relieve eye strain?

Computer screens and other digital screens emit a lot of blue lights, which is responsible for eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision. A little amount of blue lights doesn’t have much effect. Overexposure to this light is what causes you harm. If you stay longer on your computers, you are bound to hurt your eyes. If your work requires you to stay for hours on computers, then you really don’t have any choice then to find alternatives to block these lights. Blue light blocking glasses or blue lens glasses can help you in this.


Blue lens glasses block blue light emitted from computers, other digital devices and other sources of blue lights. Wearing these glasses while working on computers can give you relief from eye strain and fatigue. Your eyes will not hurt much as they usually do.

You can buy prescription glasses online with blue light blocking lenses or even non-prescription glasses in these lenses. X-Blue UV from Specscart is one of the best blue lens glasses that block 99.99 percent of blue light emission. Try out these lenses.

Another solution is to use computer glasses. These glasses come with an anti-glare coating which cuts glares from the high-resolution screen. These glasses come with a slight magnification which helps you see a bit clearer. These glasses do not block blue lights. You can use these glasses if you do not work for very long hours.

Transition glasses can also help in reducing eye strain. These glasses are a bit pricey as they are very effective. These glasses can block blue lights, UV rays and cut glares from bright lights. You can wear these glasses as sunglasses and look stylish. Your glasses protect your eyes better than any regular sunglasses. And you get clear and comfortable vision all the time and anywhere.

Other Solutions to relieve eye strain

The most effective solution is to cut down your digital screen time. If you reduce the time you spend on a computer screen or any digital devices, you will reduce the intake of blue light daily. This will help in reducing your eye strain and also regulate your sleep cycle. Taking breaks in between work and staying away from all devices during that time can help to a great extent.

You can try out the 20-20-20 break rule. In this rule, you need to take a break of 20 secs every 20 mins of work and stare at any object placed 20 feet away. By doing this, you are breaking the monotonicity of working spontaneously and straining your eyes. Adopting this practice can help in reducing your eye strain and other blue lights related side effects.

Other Solutions to relieve eye strain

You can use artificial tear drops to lubricate your eyes. When you focus on a computer screen, you rarely blink, making your eyes increasingly dry. This can lead to itchiness, red eyes and pain in your eyes. By adding a few drops of tear solution to your eyes you can relieve your eyes from strain, dry eyes and other eye problems.

You can also try out a blue light filter screen. You can put these screens over all your digital devices. These screens block blue light emission from all the devices and protect your eyes. This will help you if you don’t like wearing glasses. However, there are many artificial sources that emit blue lights. LEDs also emit a lot of blue lights. These filter screens cannot filter out blue light from other sources. It is better for you to wear blue light glasses to protect your eyes.

Blue light glasses are not very expensive. You can get these lenses for £25. Get these lenses on fashionable glasses and you can look stylish while you improve your vision.

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