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How To Promote Your Book

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Selling millions of book copies is not that easy. However, it’s doable. All you need is to promote your book with the right techniques. Create a thrilling book cover. Include the right descriptions. Ensure that the author’s photo is excellent. Use ghostwriters for hire to edit your book to perfection. Consider setting up an author website. Use the following sure tips and tricks to promote your book.

Eye-Catching Cover

A book is an incredible investment. So, don’t take it for granted. Your content might be great but a poorly designed cover can destroy everything. If you want your book to sell, create an eye-catching cover. The right cover design instills a high level of confidence in the reader. It attracts and makes them want to know more about your book. ‘

So, be sure to invest your time in creating an eye-catching cover. This won’t just attract readers but it’ll also go a long way in increasing your sales.

Excellent Description

Be keen about your book’s description. Remember, this is a great opportunity to convince readers to read your book. So, don’t just focus on describing your book. Instead, tell them how reading your book can impact their lives.

High-Quality Author Photo

Incorporate a great Author photo into your book’s design. When it comes to book writing, Author branding is extremely important. The photo should portray you as the perfect person to solve the readers’ problems.


Gather as many book blurbs as you can. These refer to quotes about you from other people. Don’t take this step for granted. It’s the most critical point of your writing. Your blurbs should only come from trusted people. If you don’t have any positive blurbs, then don’t bother including them in your book.

Have Author Website

Set up your website. Make sure that it tells readers why it’s important to read your book. Tell them why you’re the best person to solve their problems. Use convincing language to do this and you’ll be surprised to see how fast your book will sell.

Central Page

Once your book is listed on Amazon, go ahead and create an Author Central Page. This will give you complete control over how your book is being marketed on Amazon. It creates an easy way for readers to follow you on social media, as well as, Amazon.

Consider Creating Goodreads Author Page

Take your time to create a compelling Goodreads Author page. This will give you access to powerful tools such as widgets, making it easier to embed reviews directly onto your website. Moreover, this page will encourage readers to keep sharing your book with others.

Add It to Email Footer

Another way to promote your book is to include it in your automatic email signature. In today’s modern world, people send dozens of emails every day. At the end of the year, you’ll have created millions of free impressions. If you want to boost your sales, be sure to take advantage of email marketing.

Contact Media

Utilize different media outlets. Contact bloggers and media influencers. There are numerous bloggers out there who can help you achieve your business goals. They’ve great networking skills, which they can use to make your book visible to a wider audience.

Guest Posts, Articles Will Work Like Magic

Guest posts are another great marketing tool. You may also want to consider writing guest posts for those bloggers and media influencers. Virtual outlets offer unlimited space for sharing powerful content. If you craft unique content, then readers will be more attached to your work. And this will give you the perfect promotional opportunity.

Think Podcasts

Podcasts often focus on providing their listeners with general information beneficial to their daily lives. As such, they find book authors to be extremely compelling. They believe that authors always have something meaningful to say. And that information can positively impact people’s lives and last beyond one media cycle.

Amazon Book Reviews

Collect as many reviews as you can. This will signal to readers that you’ve written a good book. Plus, it’ll signal to Amazon’s algorithm that your book is worth recommending. Regardless of how professional your cover might look, a listing without any reviews will put off some readers.

One of the easiest ways to gather reviews is to discount your book and utilize your contact list to request reviews.

Social Media

Take advantage of your social media presence. There are countless self-publishing promotional tools on social media. Post your book on your profile and share it on all your social media pages. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, social media offers an amazing way to market your book.

Create LinkedIn Articles

Go to LinkedIn and talk about your book. Add the book to your LinkedIn profile as a publication and watch your sales grow. You can then forward the message to all your email contacts. This will go a long way in increasing your book’s visibility and attracting a wider customer base.

Give Your Book To Potential Readers

Use the book to market yourself. Remember, the ultimate goal isn’t just to boost sales. It’s also about building a lasting business impression and finding new clients. Giving out free copies of your book can attract potential buyers and keep you stuck at the top of their minds. So long as you’ve done an excellent job publishing your book, then rest assured that you’ll find new customers.

Key Takeaway

Promoting your book shouldn’t scare you. With the right techniques, you can market it like a pro. For instance, you can use social media to market it. Writing a good description will attract readers. A good author photo increases your book’s authenticity.

The Bottom-Line

The hard work of writing your book is over. Now it’s time to reap fruits. It’s time to introduce your book to the readers. But how do you reach more readers? Well, use a good book promotion campaign. Start with creating an exciting book cover. Work on the descriptions. Ensure that you have a quality photo. Use the above tips and tricks and promote your book in style.

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