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How To Create Cinematic Travel Videos

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Whether traveling to a new city for work-related pursuits or planning a family vacation, you will always have an excellent reason to record your journey through a video. Furthermore, one of the most promising things about creating a travel video is they have a natural perspective, i.e., you are moving on to a new place for some delightful experience.

Also, it might not be wrong to say that creating travel videos have become more seamless these days. All you need is a good smartphone or a camcorder, and you are all set. However, you must follow some crucial steps to make your videos more fascinating and engaging. So without any further ado, let’s get straight to some useful tips for creating cinematic travel videos.

Effective tips for creating engaging cinematic travel videos

Below are some useful tips for making fascinating cinematic videos.

Begin planning your videos beforehand

Many individuals believe that making a travel video or blog is as easy as switching on the camera and beginning to record. However, you might be incapable of creating the better results you wish for without meticulous planning and execution. Furthermore, to create a compelling video, you will require a specific plan.

Without a detailed plan, your travel video would look disconnected and unflattering. So to steer clear of such a problem, you must thoroughly plan your shots and contemplate the message you wish to communicate before recording your video.

This way, you can better make a video that would look more professional and compelling. Furthermore, beginning by composing an effective storyboard or scripting your video is better, so you never have embarrassing moments. Hence before you tap on the record button, ensure that you have a set plan.

Pick a platform

It is a crucial but frequently neglected action when creating travel videos —choose the platform where you would be posting your video. Moreover, you must also determine the social media platform on which you would post your video.

Doing this will help you understand how to shoot your videos effectively. For instance, you can record vertical videos for Instagram, horizontal for YouTube, and square for Facebook. In addition, you must also take some time to determine which medium or audience is suitable for this travel video. It requires considerable guesswork out of things from the start.

Select the right camera

When recording your travel video, the camera you choose matters. Furthermore, with numerous styles and models of cameras in the industry, it is not seamless to determine which one is correct for you. Also, you will require a DSLR camera, a camera with a shooting lens, or a portable camcorder to record high-quality clips for your vacation.

Besides, if you wish to capture underwater shots or videos on rugged terrains, you must always choose an excellent camera to record these experiences. In addition, you can also record videos via your smartphone if you do not wish to spend excess money on camera supplies. Smartphone picture quality is continually enhancing, and there are great methods to enhance it further.

Focus on the lighting

It is exceptionally seamless to concentrate entirely on the excellent platforms you are attempting to record and not focus on the lighting. However, note that poor or inadequate lighting can make even the most attractive sightseeing attraction look bland and uninviting. In addition, by making lighting your top priority, you can readily make a fascinating travel video to inspire other travelers to go and explore these destinations.

Furthermore, using good lighting to record your videos can make them look more optimistic and bright even when the location is not that beautiful. Likewise, you can also find a spot with abundant natural light or try filming your video near the window or a place that gets access to abundant sunlight. Doing this will assist you in building a positive impact. However, if you do not have easy access to natural sunlight, you can try recording videos in artificial light, a ring light, or your phone’s flashlight.

Incorporate music strategically

Always remember that music plays a crucial role in travel videos. Also, from living in different environments to recording videos on numerous devices, you might not get excellent audio all the time! However, this is an issue you can readily resolve during your editing, and you can always add upbeat music to your travel videos. In addition, travel videos appeal to individuals’ wanderlust, which implies you like to concentrate on recreating that feeling while editing the video.

Likewise, you must go back to your story and theme to comprehend the feeling you wish to communicate – are you creating a delightful vacation video, or are you presenting a place? In each sense, the video editing style will vary considerably.

Moreover, you will have positive music, quick transitions, and innovative text for an entertaining celebration video. On the other hand, for a documentary-style video of a location, you will likely choose more acoustic sound with easy transitions, mellow songs, and less text.

Take more videos than you believe are necessary

Always remember that only 1% of your total video clips will appear in the final edit. It implies that you must have more than enough leeway to fiddle and experiment. Even if you think something is insignificant now, record it anyhow since you won’t know for sure until you bring it up for video editing.

Record videos from diverse angles

Record videos from diverse angles

It is useful to record as many diverse shots as feasible to make an interesting travel video. In addition, expanding your travel shots will make your video more enjoyable to watch and assist you in exhibiting the attractiveness of your destination. Besides, it would help if you used various shots to record the entire scene for scenery and rugged terrain. And you can even use tracking or panning shots to track the motion in the video clip. Also, to catch the ambiance of a location, you must:

  • Move around and examine your area to find intriguing angles and views.
  • Try capturing close-ups of details or handheld shots.
  • Always try to add diversity to your video clips.

Doing this will assist in keeping your video from looking dull and make it more enjoyable to watch.

Record the residents on camera

While aerial snapshots of the water and close-ups of the woodland’s trees are exquisite, a place’s occupants are what give it its true temperament. Many travelers need to be aware of this component’s importance.

In addition, one of the most suitable ways to evoke sentiments of togetherness in your audience is to capture life and emotions and express those in your story. So never forget to take advantage of this opportunity to make your travel videos more delightful.

Bring enough battery and space

It refers to backup batteries, hard discs, and memory cards. The worst scenario while recording your travel video is running out of memory cards or camera batteries, which would restrict you from recording what needs to be documented. Therefore, you must keep various memory cards, hard discs, and power banks to guarantee that your filming takes place as seamlessly as possible.

Arrange the camera settings before your trip

One of the last things while making a travel video is to change your camera’s picture profile while you are on vacation. Doing this will create many unnecessary hassles along the line, especially while you are color-correcting in the editing app.

Therefore, before your trip, you must always experiment with the settings that work perfectly for you and set the camera settings to default. Also, you must avoid changing any settings that might impact your video clips for the consistency of the recording you will get.

Make 1-minute videos spotlighting a city

Make one-minute travel videos of a place or city you toured and loved. Moreover, you can use unique shots, time lapses, and more to make these videos look more enjoyable. These videos can be exceptionally useful to the audience who wish to travel to these places and nations as they provide a peek at the prominent places and their highlights. Moreover, they can also be entertaining to glimpse, keeping in mind the quick attention span of most individuals in modern times.

Understand your gadget

When you are just beginning to create travel videos, it is natural to get fascinated by funky gadgets and the latest camera device. However, the truth is that you don’t really need a good camera to create amazing videos. Moreover, as you sharpen your skill, it is equally better to understand your equipment.

Your purpose should be to travel with as little equipment as possible while obtaining the best quality video clips. You can accomplish this by initially comprehending your kind of filmmaking and then adhering to equipment that assists you in achieving the best shot. For example, if you are a person who predominantly likes wide-angle photos in your travel videos, you might not need to take telephoto lenses or multiple macros.

Final Words

To sum up, we can say that travel videos are fascinating and allow individuals to see different parts of the world through exciting clips and generally encourage them to explore new places.

So whether you are a professional tourist or a first-time adventurer, there is nothing like recording your recollections of new locations and adventures on video. Also, it might not be wrong to say that recording your videos will help you add a layer of excitement so you can watch them repeatedly and cherish those moments.

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