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How to come up with a company name

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Turbologo is a smart name generator based on artificial intelligence algorithms. The name of the company is usually the first thing the consumer sees when choosing a product. It should not cause unpleasant associations and negative emotions. At the same time, if you want to increase awareness, you need to choose an original name that will separate you from your competitors and will be remembered by the audience.

A good naming of companies can be recognized by the fact that they reflect the identity of the brand and remain in memory.

Unfortunately, there is no universal guide for the creative process of finding a company name. Just think about what industry you are entering and don’t compromise – you should definitely like the company name! Below are a few suggestions for choosing the perfect name for a startup:

  1. Naming should be short and memorable. Choose a name that is distinctive, easy to spell and pronounce. Never forget that the name should also sound good on the phone and during a normal conversation.
  2. The company name should sound good. Euphony is a magic word from linguistics: loud harmony. If you manage to tell in the title about what you do, and at the same time the name will sound good – you will accomplish a marketing feat and take the first step to success!
  3. The name should be timeless. Ideally, it contains the most important keywords of the products or services you offer.
  4. Finally, choose a unique name that doesn’t look like the name of your competitors. Always put yourself in the place of your reliable customers and explain to yourself what associations the name of your company causes for you.

Ways to come up with a company name

Sometimes the decision comes by itself, but more often you have to think about this question for a long time. There are several naming development techniques. Consider the most famous:

  • Use the names and surnames of the creators. The easiest way to give a name to a company is your name. Why not? After all, this is your company. There are many famous companies in the world named after the owner.
  • Look for examples in mythology and literature. Nike has become a cult brand. In Greek mythology, this is the name of the goddess of victory. And also companies like Oracle, Hermès have chosen names from mythology. Just find out if there is a mythological figure that could represent your company.
  • Using name generators. Another way to get inspired by names are online generators: they create new words or phrases from the parameters you set. A very simple tool is Turbologo, with its help you will discover creative ideas and food for thought. Just enter a keyword related to your company and get a lot of combinations of names for your brand.
  • Use foreign words. Latin American or English company names seem a little more exotic to potential customers and are not forgotten so quickly. We could also imagine a barbershop with a French name or a tea shop with a Japanese name.
  • Pick up based on the map. Be inspired by the wonders of our world – just like the founder of the retail giant Amazon. The Amazon is the longest river on our planet. Or start from geographical names: water bodies, settlements, mountain peaks, and so on.
  • Abbreviated words. A great company name shouldn’t be too long. Perhaps there is a word or phrase that is of great importance to you? Then you should think about making a part of a word or phrase of your brand.


Finding a suitable company name is a long process. After all, in the future everything should be built on this name and form a brand out of it. Therefore, take enough time to find a unique naming, collect ideas and characterize your company. Once you have found a suitable company name, first of all, check if other competitors have the same name. And remember that building a strong brand starts with choosing a strong name.


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