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How to Clean Pet Hair in Your Home

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More than half of all American households have at least one pet. While cats and dogs are the most common of the bunch, they’re far from the only ones.

And while the companionship and the love  we get from pets is indispensable, they do come with a bit of a downside – and that’s shedding. Most cats and dogs shed, especially in spring and summer, but if you own a pet, you know that this is a year-round problem.

That’s why we reached out to cleaning pros at Maid in Morristown to share their tips on cleaning homes with pets.

Use a Squeegee for Big Areas

Most people reach for a vacuum cleaner when they need to clean their furniture of pet hair. They think that the machine will do the hard work. If you’ve tried this, you may be slightly disappointed with the results. But there is a better way – just use a squeegee.

The rubber on the end of your squeegee may have been designed to adhere to glass surfaces, but it also has an added benefit that it will extract the unwanted hairs from your furniture. THey will clump up, and all you need to do is pick those up.

Wet Rubber Gloves Will Do the Trick, Too

If you don’t have a squeegee, or you don’t want to use it for this purpose, you still have one option which involves the ‘magical’ property of rubber. Take a rubber cleaning glove and get it slightly wet.

The static electricity formed by the glove will pick up the pet hair and other small debris from your furniture or carpet. Even better, you will have a much finer control over your movements than you would when using a squeegee. Although cleaning larger surfaces might take a bit longer since your hands are smaller than a squeegee.

Use Duct Tape for a True DIY Feeling

Another very similar cleaning method is to put some duct tape on your hands (sticky side outwards), and go over the surfaces you want to clean. The adhesive on the tape will certainly gather up anything loose on your carpet or furniture, including the hairs.

You may need to be careful if your furniture is made of sensitive materials, but for most people, this method is simple and cheap – and it’s effective. You may need to have a few passes before everything is clean, but the method is simple and easy, and it doesn’t cost too much, either.

Lint Rollers

Remember lint rollers? Those rolls of sticky paper specifically designed to remove lint and similar small dirt from surfaces? Well, they work on pet hair, too. Depending on your needs and purpose, lint rollers come in different sizes, which makes using them on furniture or your clothes that much easier.

Vacuum Cleaners Can Help

Even though vacuum cleaners in themselves tend to be a poor choice for cleaning hair, in combination with other cleaning methods, they can really help you finish the cleaning in style.

The important aspect of a high quality vacuum cleaner is the suction power – you really don’t want to have it spraying dust and debris while you’re cleaning. If your vacuum cleaner has a special pet hair cleaning extension -all the better. If not, perhaps you can buy one to make your job just that much easier.

Having a pet in your home is just so rewarding and enjoyable that people are willing to put up with a bunch of issues, including constant cleaning. However, with a few tips, even cleaning after your pets doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.

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