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How to choose the ideal pair of training tights?

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When it comes to shopping for training tights, finding the right style, fit, and features will give you lasting comfort and a garment you’ll wear forever.

There are many workout leggings and tights available. Seriously: a wide variety of options. But this guide is designed to help you easily figure out which tights to wear in any situation. FIRM ABS tights can help you complete your training or improve your casual or relaxed style. Some will even help you do both. So what will you wear? These tips will help you decide.

Understand the terminology

To choose the right workout leggings, it’s best to understand a few basic terms first. This way, you can narrow down your search more easily and make sure you use the best option for you.


The inseam refers to where the pants fit on the body. Think about which style of tights feels most comfortable around your waist. The options are usually these:

  • Mid-rise leggings that fit at or below the navel
  • High-waisted leggings that fit at or above the navel
  • Adjustment

When thinking about fit, consider compression . This term is used to state how tight your tights feel. This choice is usually based on how you wear your tights. When it comes to workout leggings, you’ll want a more comfortable fit, but for relaxed attire, a little less compression will be better. Your two main options are these:

Tight fit, which has a high compression. You’ll feel the support, and we’re not kidding when we talk about fit. If you prefer less compression and more comfort, try a size up. Standard fit, which offers less compression, but hugs the body according to size.


This term relates to the length of the pants and where they fall on most people. If you are shorter or taller than the standard size, the standard length may not be right for you, even if it is close.

Sometimes it’s best to have leggings in different lengths in your wardrobe. This will give you options for different climates and allow you to find the best length for you. You can choose between these options:

  • Capris, which fall below the knee
  • 3/4 or cropped leggings, reaching mid-calf
  • 7/8 leggings, which hit just above the ankles
  • Full-length leggings, reaching below the ankles


This category of leggings is broader and therefore more difficult to define. Includes tights with enhanced details made with premium materials. Luxe tights are typically all-purpose, making them the best training tights. They can be used for running, gym training, yoga or relaxing. Look for soft, sweat-wicking, opaque, high-quality fabrics. You should also choose ones with pockets, if possible, more than one.

Choosing the best training tights for your activity

After thinking about the features you want, the next step is to consider where you will use them. Some tights are designed specifically for the activities you love, and FIRM ABS tights are ready for any kind of activity.

Running tights

Even a beginning runner should aim to run at least 2 to 4 miles per week . That’s no easy feat, but no matter how many miles you rack up, your training leggings should perform.

FIRM ABS running leggings are designed to give you everything you need to sprint, walk and run or reach a personal best without chafing. They have all the features you want, including:

  • Design that allows them to stay in place with repeated movement for several kilometers.
  • Strategic ventilation zones for optimal breathability
  • Reflective elements for greater safety
  • Several pockets so you don’t have to carry anything in your hands
  • Most running leggings are mid-rise with an adjustable drawstring waist. Long-distance runners choose breathable tights that have plenty of pockets. If you are a sprinter looking for speed, you should choose a soft fabric and a wide waistband to feel comfortable when picking up speed.

Gym leggings

If you wear leggings for training at the gym, you’ll need ones that stay in place while you perform push, pull, lunge, squat, pushup, and twist exercises. Training tights allow you greater flexibility in movement as they are high-waisted leggings with pockets and different fit and length options.

Whether you’re in the weight room, on the cardio machines or in a yoga class, tights move with your body.

Yoga leggings are made from soft fabric with a comfortable high-rise waist. Thanks to Infinalon fabric, they have the perfect amount of stretch, strength and soft compression. Infinalon is half the thickness of spandex, but twice the strength, so it can adapt to any pose you strike.

The Tights accompany you through intense, rigorous, and demanding training sessions. The waistband stays put, and breathable, sweat-wicking mesh around the calves wicks away moisture and keeps you cool. These soft and stretchy training tights accompany you to reach your goals.

Athletic Leggings

Activewear has become one of the main fashion trends and has positioned training clothing beyond the gym, in our living rooms, and in stores. It’s perfect for running errands or going to a casual get-together with friends. Of course, we can call them sports tights, but they are as good for training as they are for relaxing, and many of us prefer to relax.

Athletic tights provide comfort and stretch, as well as an opportunity to accessorize. You’ll usually find them in bold colors and formal prints. You can have fun with your tights, as it’s not always about function. In this category, you will also find more standard fit tights with less compression.

Finding the ideal fit

Even if you ordered your tights online, make sure you can return or exchange them if the fit isn’t right and you’re not happy. Even when your muscles ache and your lungs burn, you should feel comfortable and confident in your training tights.

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