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How To Choose a Business Process Automation Software Provider?

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If you are looking for a business process automation software, chances are that your organization has faced the need to keep abreast with the competition, cut operational expenses, improve quality of service, or streamline business processes. Automation is dramatically changing efficiency and productivity in the workforce.

Every organization has unique business processes that involve manual labor and consume too many man-hours. Processing invoices, sending newsletters and emails, preparing payroll, filling in the CRM, and managing inventory – these and many other tasks are repetitive and don’t require much of your employees’ time. Often, these tasks don’t require cognitive or technical skills but make a huge part of the operational expenses. As the adage goes: Every penny saved is a penny earned!

Working with a reliable business process automation software provider can help ensure that your organization maximizes the technology. If implemented properly, automation can help cut costs, reduce error, and improve service quality. Instead of supervising the employees, you can focus on growing your business and increasing the revenue.

How do you choose the right business automation software for your organization? Here we discuss some important considerations.

Identify your organizational needs

As mentioned above, every organization has unique business processes. Consider what tasks and processes can be automated. Identify the specific processes you want to speed up and performance figures you want to improve.

Interview employees or observe your operations to know the repetitive tasks. A thorough study of your operations is vital in developing the most responsive and effective business process automation tools.

Create a list of tools and features you need

When looking for a business automation software provider, you should ensure that they can develop specific tools and features your business needs. For example, if you need to automate marketing efforts, you need an IT solution that focuses on CRM and lead generation. If you want to speed up payroll or invoicing, you should choose a provider that has experience in accounting and related solutions.

Define your investment capability

Your budget is critical in selecting a business automation service provider as it is a major expense. Check your budget allotment for the entire transition to automation. Aside from the initial costs, you also have to consider the recurring expenses such as subscription fees or maintenance. 

Select a business process automation provider that offers cost-effective payment terms that suit your budget. There are different ways of business process automation. Explore the possibility of dividing the project into several modules with a phased implementation. This can help you control costs during its implementation.

Ask for free trials and versions

Look for a business process automation software provider that offers free trial versions of the solution. This allows you to test the solution in practice. You can evaluate how the tools can affect your operations. Likewise, you can also get an idea about the response and acceptability of the software to your technical team and its end-users. By getting free versions, you can find automation tools that are most appropriate for your business.

Consider the provider’s security features

Cyber security threats remain the biggest challenge to automation. Considering that business automation software development requires access to classified company data, security should be a top priority. 

You want to work with a provider with proven security measures and infrastructure to protect your data from hacking or unauthorized access. It needs to have a strong NDA, 27001 ISO certification, and an effective security policy.

Customized business automation tools and features

Choose a provider that is capable of developing highly customized business automation tools for your business processes. Customization will significantly add value to your enterprise, increase efficiency, and bring proactive features that will ensure the success of your business.

Check their after-sales service

When looking for a business process automation provider, you don’t just consider the product or its capabilities. You should also check their after-sales and customer support. From development to planning to deployment, you want a hands-on provider. They should be available in case you need technical assistance.

You want to ensure that the software provider will offer ongoing support through the most convenient method, such as live chat, SMS, or call. Choose a provider that can help your organization implement and integrate the automation tools properly. You can check what their existing clients say about the company.

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