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How To Become Better At PES and FIFA?

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Electronic Sports or eSports have become very popular in the past decade and the revenue made has reached more than some of the top 20 sports in the world. This means that the gaming industry is on the right track to becoming one of the most watched and played sports and soon we can expect it to be a part of the Olympics.

PES and FIFA are both a part of eSports and you can earn a living out of it even if you are not the best player in the world. It may seem simple because it’s a sports game but you need to analyze your opponent as you analyze for Champions League predictions, but it will also take a lot of skill to win.

Difference Between PES and FIFA

When you are talented at sports games like soccer, you won’t see many differences between the two games but there are a few important that you should know. The first one is licensing for teams and players that can differ. For example, one of the biggest differences nowadays is that you can’t play with Juventus in FIFA because PES wanted to have exclusive licensing from the team.

There have been similar situations in the past and everything is a money game which slightly influences the gameplay. Even if they have the imitation of Juventus, it can psychologically affect the player without realizing it. The game modes are also different and the way you train for professional matches can be affected by it.

This is why you should choose in advance which one you like more but FIFA is generally better because the prize pools are bigger and there are many bookies that accept betting on FIFA eSports.

Have a Practice Buddy

If you have a buddy that you are doing Champions League picks with, you can ask them to be your practice buddy also. Every professional player has at least a few people that are available for practice. They should be on the same level of gameplay as you are so the games can be even which is hard to find for some pro players.

Some of them will hire gamers online so they can have someone good to play with. This can also make you a living if you are hired by some of the top players in the game. It’s very hard to achieve this level but most PS gamers already have experience with FIFA or PES.

Have a Strategy

FIFA might be the game of skill but having a strategy can give you a huge advantage over other players that only rely on their skill. It’s a sports game and it’s quite easy to predict where the players will go if you are not controlling them. This knowledge gives you the opportunity to plan out attacks.

It’s very similar to a football playbook where you can pass the ball without even looking at the player because you know their route. Nowadays, there are still many players that don’t have a strategy and are only enhancing their skill level to beat others.

It can be easier to do Champions League predictions today than figure out a great strategy but it will definitely be worth it. The best way to learn about them is on YouTube or hire a coach to teach you.

Stick With 3 Teams

This tip is debatable but players that only stick with 3 or fewer teams have a higher win rate than those that switch often. People generally switch teams because they get bored with playing only one but once you learn how fast a certain player can run, you will have a better idea of what the team can do.

These 3 teams will probably be the best in the world so make sure you practice them only if you have an upcoming tournament. Playing with your buddy against the same team you are playing is also a great idea because you will figure out what are the disadvantages of your team.

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