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How To Avoid Hiring A Toxic Employee

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There are candidates that you hire, and they seem to be the best on paper. They nailed all the interview questions and appeared friendly. But a short while after hiring them, you don’t see these same traits in them. They aren’t cooperative on team projects, they are arrogant and gossip, etc.

When you hire a toxic employee, you are doing yourself and your organization a lot of harm. They don’t just turn in poor performance; they affect other people’s performances, disrupt the company’s culture, kill the team morale, etc. In some popular best
essay service reviews, toxic employees are described as a world of evil that unravels one piece at a time.

Here are a few tips to discover and avoid them.

1. Ask questions about their last employment.

A toxic employee is a constant complainer. One way to recognize one is to ask questions about their last workplace. You could ask about what they hated about the company or what they would love to change? Toxic employees are likely to go describing the company poorly and complaining. That’s a sign of toxicity. Someone who is not toxic will remain professional and mention the faults without pushing blames while suggesting solutions to the problems.

2. Ask about their past failures.

This is effective in discovering a toxic employee. They are not going to admit their fault or the fact that they struggled. They are proud and won’t realize that they need help, even when it’s obvious. Such arrogance is something to watch against. People like these are unlikely to take criticisms, advice, or corrections from managers and co-workers. They are also unlikely to learn from their mistakes.

Some others would admit that they failed at some point, but they’ll not accept the blame (at least, not without hesitation).

3. Set up your interview in stages

Candidates tend to be at their best when they are at an interview. They need to do this to get the job to quickly put up an act for as long as the interview lasts. According to essay writers at bestessays.com.au, this makes it harder to detect if they’re toxic or not before hiring them. It is also more challenging for them to hide their toxicity for so long without giving out hints. However, setting your interview in different stages allows you to assess their attitude, experience, and skill correctly and determine if they are a fit for the company’s culture.

4. Have more than one interviewer

It is easy for a toxic candidate to fool one person during the interview, but it is more challenging to face a team of interviewers. Interviewing candidates in a group makes it easier to sniff out toxic employees. If they can wriggle their way through the interview and get an appointment, they will become a problem that you must deal with as soon as possible. The longer it takes, the harder it gets.

5. Listen for the use of ‘we.’

According to a essay writing service UK, a simple way to determine if a candidate might be toxic is to describe team successes. When you interview a candidate, and they only talk about their wins or attribute team successes to themselves, that’s a red flag. Their failure to admit the work of others and credit their co-workers shows their high ego, and that’s a problem.


Sorting out potentially toxic employees is essential during the interview stage because it is detrimental to have them on board in your organization. Thankfully, it is not so difficult.


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