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How is EBS migration to Oracle Cloud beneficial?

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EBS stands for E-business Suite and is a set of tools that can help with enterprise functionality, management, and analytics. With time, Oracle has brought some considerable changes in the working and came up with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This is something that provides with better experience along with efficiency in working. Nowadays, many businesses are making their shift from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud.

EBS migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can provide the business with many benefits. Some of them are stated below:

  • Makes your company future ready: The use of OCI in business work will help tackle future innovations and provide critical application support along with its continuous application. The help of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will help address the critical issues associated with the first generation, like financial systems, workloads, and even data-intensive applications. It will provide the business with the best requirements that help with outstanding performance and enhanced compatibility of enterprises.
  • Provides optimal performance: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the advanced version of Oracle EBS. So, it is sure that the performance of the OCI might be better than EBS. OCI utilizes a flat network of design that helps with both computing and storage. This is one such system which is very reliable with its working. OCI has increased agility, which adds much more value to the speed and accessibility than EBS.
  • Helps with cost management: The primary reason for the business migration from Oracle EBS to OCI is that it is available at great prices in the market. Even the work that the business can extract from the minimum investment of money. The performance from the OCI is so good that many companies never set back from investing in this process. At very affordable prices, OCI can provide the ideal performance, which is excellent for the business’s working. A lot of overhead expenses are reduced after migration from EBS to OCI.
  • Best security services: Security has become a significant concern for almost every business. Most businesses have to enter their sensitive information within OCI. OCI offers the best security that makes sure that there is nothing that violates the privacy of the business information. Even the security systems can be customized according to the business requirement.
  • Very easily migration: OCI is designed to support all the workload on the Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Some unique features are only present in the OCI and are not available in EBS. Oracle has made the migration process very simple so businesses can easily adapt to different changes.

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