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How good is a 243 Ammo for Hunting

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So what is the perfect round for whitetail deer? Is it a 243 ammo for Hunting, or is it a 308? Where does one draw the line between what is enough power and what isn’t? How good is a 243 ammo for Hunting? The 243 caliber is one of the great in terms of hunting rifles.

Undoubtedly 243 Ammo is one of the best designs developed at Winchester. You can find various options while searching 243 ammo for sale but finding the best one for deer hunting is tricky.

In 1955 when. 243 approach the market, it changed the whole game of deer hunting and divided deer hunters equally into enthusiasts and hard-hitting lovers.

Important features of 243 Ammo:

The uses of. 243 is almost the same as the—308 with the difference of small neck. Moreover, the hitting power of. 243 combined with accuracy, flat-shooting trajectory, and very little recoil made it the first choice for small and medium hunters.

Not surprisingly, the dear Hunting and wide Hunting of Mule deer’s caliber works well on both sides of Hunting. The lightweight design of. 243 allows the hunters to carry it easily while stalking without the strain of carrying a heavier hunting rifle.

The light recoil combined with the flat trajectory of the 243 helps reduce trigger flinch. Its modified features allow hunters to shoot more accurately in the split seconds and it takes sometimes takes to get off around.

As 308, the 243 is unparalleled at 200 yards, and bullets from both calibers are flat at 200 yards. However, 243 is more capable of killing any deer-sized big hunting game, including Mule deer, whitetail, Antelope, Wild pig, and others.

How to shoot the deer with a 243 Ammo?

When it comes to deer hunting, you can consider five bullets, ranging from 80 to 100 grains, with slightly different features.

If you target deer with 243, the consensus among professionals and amateurs is the 100-grain bullet.

It is estimated that a 100-grain bullet with a proper amount of powder in the shell fired from a. 243 is effective for a quarter-mile in deer hunting.

Combining the 243 with 100 grain and muzzle velocity around 3000 ft/sec and finding around, you can effectively take a large deer easily.

Where to shoot a deer?

You can find three basic shot placement locations on deer,

  • Double lung shot; broadside.
  • Heart shot; Broadside.
  • Liver shot; Broadside.

All other shots will be considered a lack of concentration and patience, possibly ending in losing the game.

How far to shoot the deer with 243 Ammo?

When we are talking about the average ability, 400 yards is a good benchmark for Hunting if shooting with 243 with a 100 grain.

Shorter range shots are mostly recommended for the hunters. At 500 yards, the bullet will drop 45 inches; therefore, it requires a little guesswork before targeting.


Now it’s your turn to find the best 243 ammo for sale. Start with 100,105 grains first. If it doesn’t work for you, try other brands. It is the best way to figure your rifle out.

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