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How does AI affect online casino gambling?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ultimate technological advancement of the past years. All of the industries are trying to use it as much as possible, however, there is a lot more potential to it yet to be discovered and used in the coming years.

It is taking over almost every industry and the online gambling industry is no exception. A lot of AI has been implemented in online gambling technology to make it more advanced, alongside other 2021’s biggest trends in the casino industry.

Here are a few examples from the gaming expert Martim Nabeiro on how AI is used in online gambling in Portugal and all over the world.


Online casinos come across more security issues than land-based ones. That’s why online casinos use AI algorithms to protect casino from fake accounts, scammers, cheaters and other kinds of abuse. Here’s how this works.

Firstly, AI online casino provide greater security. It allows gathering more data, thus eliminating malicious activities. Artificial intelligence analyses loads of data and can identify players who are cheating. For instance, if a user is using additional programs to win in the games.

It also applies to bots, because AI can catch them and report the user faster than if it would be done manually by a person. Since it is almost impossible to monitor all the games and players, AI is a great tool for security.


Having more data than ever about each of the player’s accounts allows online casinos to give their users tailored promotions, show-specific ads, deals, and special offers. AI can monitor each click in the platform, calculate minutes spent on each game that way monitoring and analyzing players’ likes and dislikes.

Of course, analyzing data can be done without any help from AI, however, it would take years as the data given to AI is massive. Furthermore, AI also is faster and more accurate than humans in forecasting.

This might seem a bit overwhelming for the users to comprehend that each step is being tracked and later used for analysis, but we all have to be aware that agreeing to the company’s terms and conditions might allow them to do so.

Customer service

Customer service is another place where AI comes in handy. Customer service and client support have always been an issue that takes up loads of the workforce. For example, online casinos had to provide customer service in many languages, meaning that they would need to recruit many people to answer mostly the same questions.

Here AI comes with chatbots and helps with answering easy questions. People in Portugal are now getting more and more acquainted with this, and many foreign casinos are starting to offer support in Portuguese thanks to AI, whereas a couple years ago they would have operated only in English.

With AI helping with day-to-day queries, human customer service representatives can focus on more difficult cases and AI can learn from their answers providing support for the future. Most casinos online autorizados em Portugal have this option that helps their customers on a daily basis.

Addiction prevention

Being a responsible gambler is important and not falling into addiction while enjoying your favorite games is critical. Thanks to artificial intelligence gambling addiction can be monitored and identified.

This is done with the help of an analysis of players’ behavior and actions being taken while playing. If something suspicious is found, it can be reported to the operator for further investigation. And if a clear behavior of addiction is found the player can be banned from the site to prevent further increase of addiction.


To sum it up, AI in the gambling industry has brought a lot more data than ever. Allowing AI gambling casinos to monitor their users more closely, providing better security for them, personalizing offers, and monitoring their playing habits. And this is only the beginning as AI has a lot more potential than what is being used now.

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