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How Can Students Use Siri in Their Studies

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Studying has never been an easy matter. It’s associated with a wide range of challenges and complications that are often hard to handle on your own. But luckily, these days, students have plenty of aid.

Thanks to technology and the Internet, modern students have access to a wealth of resources, services, and tools that can help them study better and easier. They can use professional academic paper services to hire an APA paper writer and delegate a part of their tasks. Also, they can use the Internet for research and self-learning. And though not many know this, they also have a handy academic helper right in their pockets.

Siri is a virtual assistant designed to help iOS and macOS users on an everyday basis. Powered by AI, it’s there to help you use your devices to the fullest. And it can help you in your studies too. Read on to learn how!

Get Instant Definitions

As a virtual assistant, Siri can connect to the Internet and help you browse the web easier. Probably everyone knows that you can ask it to find something on the web. But have you tried using this feature for academic purposes? If not, you should definitely start now.

During your classes or at-home study sessions, you can use this assistant to ask for definitions of unknown words. This can help you understand new topics of reading materials better, learn new words and concepts, and extend your vocabulary in general.

Also, apart from definitions, you can ask for the following:

  • Synonyms;
  • Antonyms;
  • Spelling;
  • Explanations of general words and phrases;
  • Verb conjugation, etc.

Get Instant Definitions

Browse the Needed Information Quicker

Since Siri can browse the web for you, you can use this opportunity not only to ask for definitions and explanations but also to get the needed information without a hassle. For example, when you are writing an essay or another academic paper and need to find a specific fact, reference, or piece of data quickly, simply turn to your virtual assistant, and it will do it for you instantly.

If you want to save even more time, you can also read the found information out loud. This way, you can use the obtained data in your work without getting distracted from reading it yourself.

Create Notes Without Typing Them

This is another awesome feature of Apple’s virtual assistant that you can use for studying. If you ask Siri to create a new note, it will instantly ask you what you want to be written in this note. You can dictate your thoughts, and it will quickly translate your words into text and take notes for you.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to adjust the format of notes with voice commands. For example, you can ask to make a list or bullet points when needed. This cool feature can help you create notes in seconds without wasting extra time.

Get More Organized With Alarms and Reminders

Being a student, especially in college, requires excellent self-organization. There are always plenty of things to keep up with, such as exam days, assignment deadlines, and even class hours. To succeed in these conditions, students have to get on a schedule and always keep in mind all these things. Or they can just use alarms and reminders so that they never forget about important tasks and dates.

Siri can help with this matter too. You can ask your virtual assistant to set reminders and alarms for you instantly. For example, when you are in the classroom and get assigned a new assignment, you can turn to AI and ask it to set a deadline reminder for the needed day and time. The same way it works with alarms. These two features can really help you meet deadlines with ease and always keep up with your schedule.

Request Math Solutions

Without any doubt, math is one of the toughest subjects to study. Even the most diligent students with a talent for it can face problems that are hard to solve. That’s one more way to use Siri in your studies.

Though not many know this, this virtual assistant can perform basic calculations in a matter of seconds. Moreover, it can handle even more complex math problems. So if you ever need a bit of assistance with your math homework, simply ask Siri to solve it, and in most cases, it should be able to give you an accurate solution.

Learn Foreign Languages in a Fun Way

This is another unusual way to leverage Siri in your studies. If you are learning a foreign language, you can do a few things with the help of your virtual assistant.

First of all, you can gain real-time practice. Simply change the language of AI to the needed one and get into a conversation. This trick can help you practice your conversation skills and also improve your pronunciation.

Also, you can request helpful materials and translations from Siri and use them to hone your foreign language skills.

Stay Motivated and Find Inspiration

Sometimes, trying to stay on the right track with a huge load of assignments and other academic matters, students simply face burnout and lose their motivation to study. In this case, all they need is a bit of support and inspiration. However, finding them can be hard.

This is one more way to leverage Siri for success. Whenever you feel down and unable to cope with all your academic matters, turn to it for motivational quotes or handy suggestions on effective studying techniques. Sometimes, this can be of a lot of help.

The Bottom Line

Without any doubt, Apple did a great job with its AI-powered assistant. It has been learning and improving for years, and now, it can offer you a variety of handy features.

As you now know, you can even use Siri in your studies. Ask it to take notes, set reminders, provide you with definitions and solutions, etc. Use all the tips from this article to start making the most out of your smartphone while in college!

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