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How Can I deposit and play bingo games?

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If bingo is your thing, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that as many as 4 million people play online bingo in the UK today – also check out www.freespinsnodeposit.casino. They’re not all aged over 60 either. Millennials made up 17% of bingo players in 2016, with the numbers steadily growing to reach 21% in 2017 and 25% and 2018.

The same upward trend is noticeable in the 35-44 age group which has increased from 21% in 2015 to 26% in 2016, keeping a steady position in 2017.

This is because bingo has evolved in the digital age. There are variations of the game that many people could not have imagined 25 years ago. We’re not just talking about picking between 90-ball bingo or 75-ball bingo, we’re talking about Slingo (a mixture of slots and bingo), and Bongo Bingo (a mixture of hardcore drinking and trance music and bingo). Yes, really.

It’s easy to get started

Firstly, it should be said that you really don’t have to be an internet whizz to get started. If you’re a rookie and you’re not that comfortable using the internet in general, just searching “online bingo” in the google search bar will provide you with countless sites to try out.

Bear in mind that it’s fundamental that you choose a site that’s licensed by the UKGC, but other than that, the reputable sites out there will all offer different types of bonuses and freebies to entice you in. What’s more, it can be fun checking out the different sites and playing short games of bingo on each to see which you like.

Depositing cash and getting started

Once you’ve played a few demos on a few different sites, you may want to start thinking about signing up for one in particular that you like. You’ll need to prove you’re over 18 years of age to comply with UK law, but if you want to play for real with a genuine chance of winning some lucrative prizes, you’ll need to deposit some cash in an e-wallet.

Luckily, making a cash deposit is simple. On most sites, you’ll just have to click on the ‘banking’ button and select the transaction type you want.

If you’re making a cash deposit into your e-wallet in order to play for real, you will need to select a payment method and an amount you wish to deposit.

The payment method will likely be PayPal, Apple Pay, or a bank transfer to the site’s account. However, an increasing number of people like to pay by mobile. This option is a hassle-free option where you do not have to enter your bank details, providing many users the added security of keeping their personal data to themselves.

If you pay on a monthly contract, every deposit you make will be charged at the end of the month, as stated on your phone bill. If you’re a pay-as-you-go user, the money will simply be deducted from the credit on your phone.

You’re good to go!

Once your e-wallet has sufficient funds in it, you’re ready to play bingo games like osrs drakes. You can scroll around the site to see if it’s 90-ball, 75-ball, or any other format you like. You may even find yourself signing up for Bongo Bingo!

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