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Home Paternity Test vs. Lab Testing: Understanding The Differences and Which One to Choose

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Paternity testing can be a sensitive topic, and many people prefer to do it in the comfort of their home. The good thing is that at-home paternity testing is every bit as accurate as a lab-tested paternity test. However, there are some key differences that one needs to know when ordering a paternity test, and in this article, we will discuss them in length.

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A At Home Paternity Test is Far More Convenient

The main difference between at-home paternity testing and getting tested at a lab is the level of convenience offered when doing it from the comfort of your own home. It is the most significant benefit at-home paternity testing has to offer.

All it requires is ordering a home DNA test kit online through a service provider of your choice. During the online ordering process, you will provide important information, such as the names and birth dates of the tested people. Also, you will need to provide accurate contact information, including a mailing address, to receive your test kits through the mail.

The home DNA test kit will include swabs that you will rub against the inside of your cheek to collect your saliva. The swabs will then be placed inside a medically sealed bag to be shipped to the lab for testing.

Once the swabs arrive in the lab, the testing process begins. The DNA testing process takes three to five days after the lab has received the product. If the test is used to determine relationships, it could take a few days longer. Once completed, you will receive an email notification, and one will be mailed to you at no extra charge.

Lab Tested DNA Results Are Admissible In Court

Lab-tested DNA results are far less convenient than at-home testing, but for the extra wait time, you get legal clarity that at-home testing doesn’t provide. Since it would be effortless to swipe someone else’s mouth with the cotton swap to either prove or disprove paternity, courts do not allow at-home testing to be admissible in court.

There are many reasons one would need to have legal proof of paternity, including changing the father’s name on a birth certificate, child support battles, or even in immigration cases. Either way, if you are leed of legally binding Paternity testing, you will have to visit a lab. Find more Cypress Parallel Testing.

At-home paternity testing is more suited to getting peace of mind regarding your family tree or, in many cases, being used to track and understand your family history. Additionally, more and more people are using at-home DNA testing to understand their body makeup better and form unique diet and exercise plans that suit their biochemical processes.

At-Home DNA Testing May Be Just What You Need

Ordering your home DNA test kit is very easy. As we have explained in this article, as long as you don’t need the results for a court case, it is the best way to get paternity tests; if you need peace of mind regarding the paternity of someone in your family, order an at-home test kit today.

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