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Great Essay Writing in Few Steps

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Many students at various academic levels desire to be good essay writers, although essays need lots of investment in time and resources. Understanding the process of writing great essays can help you to improve your academic grades and write other documents such as company memos, marketing materials, and business letters.

The steps of essay writing apply to different kinds of writing, such as reflective essays, standard essays, theses, and dissertations. Great essay writing can be condensed in a few steps as follows.

Plan accordingly

Planning and scheduling the essay writing process can help to avoid last-minute rush and poor grades. To write a great essay, plan the time allocation and all the necessary resources. Wireless internet may be a good resource because it is fast, stable, dependable, visible and secure.

According to professional essay writers, for timely completion of the work, identify the essay writing steps in advance and specify the deadline for each step. Setting deadlines and being committed to them can ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed just before the essay’s due date. Remember to have an allowance for proofreading and editing.

Understand the essay requirements

Seasoned writers from essay writing services say that you must understand the phrases used in the question, whether you are required to analyze a situation, critically analyze a given scenario, or compare two things. The essay question wording can enable you to understand the essay structure and remain focused.

A simple way of understanding the question is by writing it down and highlighting the instructions and important words. Ensure that you understand the words by referring to your lecture notes, dictionary, or any other source. Investigating the highlighted words can help you to understand the question and essay requirements.

Read extensively

As per top essay writing service UK, reading is an integral part of essay writing. Before you start the writing process, find the relevant literature around the topic and filter it accordingly. Begin by identifying the relevant keywords in your topic and searching through databases.

When you come across a useful journal or article, find out if it is relevant by going through the abstract. The conclusion can also offer guidelines into the usefulness and relevance of the piece. After identifying good sources, identify the authors being cited by going through the bibliography because the sources will be valuable to your essay.

Focus on the structure and flow of ideas

A senior writer for essay writing service UK suggests that the approach of presenting the argument is important and so you need to focus on the logical structure of your essay. A logical and clear essay includes the introduction, body, and conclusion to ensure a clear focus on the topic.

The sections, sentences, and paragraphs should support the argument in question. As you continue writing, pause and consider the value that every section or sentence adds to the thesis. All the essay parts must fit together as a logical and cohesive whole and there should be a smooth transition from one argument to another.

Be original

Strike a balance between other people’s arguments and the novel argument. Avoid writing an essay without quoting relevant sources because it could indicate that you have ignored previously published work.

On the other hand, direct quoting translates to plagiarism which is a serious offense in academic writing. Use credible evidence when presenting arguments or drawing on theories and frameworks by other researchers, clearly distinguishing between paraphrasing and quoting. Only quote as a means of clarifying points, and paraphrase whenever possible.


Planning, understanding the essay question, reading structuring, and avoiding plagiarism are the simple steps to writing great essays. A great essay can support you in the learning process by clarifying and sorting out ideas and exercising critical judgment. Tutors are interested in your ability to research a topic and present ideas logically and clearly.


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