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The giCompute advantage

In our increasingly complex world, leaders and decision-makers turn to decision analytics for help in trying to solve some of the world’s most important challenges and anticipate the most likely outcome scenarios for a range of decisions, situations and conflicts.  Often the range of possible outcome scenarios for a complex issue or conflict is driven primarily by a variety of human factors arising during complicated negotiations between multiple agents and stakeholders.  These human factors may include varying priorities, varying levels of influence and varying levels of concern among the stakeholders in respect to the issue.

How it works

giCompute is hybrid conjoint analysis-reverse induction game theory model conceived for the purpose of quantitatively estimating outcomes of multi-factor and multi-stakeholder issues in a transparent way.

The platform helps transfer the qualitative judgment of analysts and practitioners involved in complex multi-factor issues (i.e. transnational disputes, armed conflict, strategy and operations planning) to quantitatively measure gains and losses relative to stakeholder (agent) preferences across any set of defined options and scenarios.The ultimate objective is to compute and visualize the likely versus optimal outcomes for stakeholders and groups based on their relative preference attributes and influence pertaining to any particular dispute or negotiation.

The platform computes all the possible relative payoffs (i.e. relative gains and losses) pertaining to any set of scenario spectrums dependent on the number of preference attributes for stakeholders (agents) across any defined scenario involving a dispute or negotiation. The platform then transfers the calculated stakeholder payoff for each scenario into an automated visualization of multi-stakeholder (agent) landscape preferences.

Relevant Information:

CAGE Code: 7TPL9

Primary NAICS Code: 511210

Other NAICS Codes: 518210, 541611, 541720

DUNS: 080534488

giCompute in Action:


Options on North Korea

What is the most likely scenario for ongoing tensions in North Korea?

Our analysts used giCompute to take a look at the most likely options for the current situation in North Korea?

Countering ISIL

What will the impact of the Counter ISIL Campaign be?

Our analysts used giCompute to take a look at the impact of the global effort to stop ISIL.

Renegotiating NAFTA

What are the anticipated outcomes of the North American Free Trade Act renegotiation?

Our analysts used giCompute to take a look at the proposed renegotiation of NAFTA, simulate its results, and anticipate its likely outcomes.

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