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Get All The New Updates For Upcoming Season Of Dark Comedy Series: Insatiable Season 3

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This series means something to the people. It contains meaning and comedy, love, and tragedy. It is everything that anyone can wish for in a show or a movie. Fans loved it so much.

Moreover, they searched up if there is going to be another series. They want to know when they will have another sequel out.

However, their wait for the upcoming series will come to an end soon. Because this show is very amazing, and the lovers have no idea why someone would want to shut it off. But the viewers who love to watch the series are wishing that there will be another season.


This show is brilliant. It’s like Breaking Bad meets ironic teen comedy-drama. The show reveal of Patty as a murderous psychopath doing all the wrong things for what she believes to be the right reasons is fantastic storytelling.

The reason is that she is a beautiful young girl who we so badly want to believe is the victim, well that’s just a bonus cherry. After all, nobody in today’s political climate wants to entertain the possibility that beautiful women can be anything but victims.

She starts as such a sympathetic character. All the people who fall prey to her are so gross in their own ways that we’re tempted to continue writing off the murders as self-defense; as no big deal; as forgivable.

“She had no choice!” They occur in such hilarious, ridiculous situations. How can you not laugh them off! That’s the best part, isn’t it?

It is a show that has you rooting for the killer (like Dexter). Until you catch yourself and cry, “Wait! These are all actual people she’s killed and disposed of!

And you wonder what sort of person you are, cheering on the sociopath.

Renewal Status For Insatiable Season 3

However, till now the streaming giant Netflix did not show any green signal to this dark comedy series. And the Netflix want to cancel the series just after the two seasons. The news for the cancellation of the series out in the industry in February 2020.

This series liked by many people but besides all the love and attraction, the series going to close. One of the main roles Alyssa Milano declaring this news on Twitter.

Netflix also cancelled many other series like October Faction, Messiah, Merry Happy Whatever, and V Wars, and others.

Reason Behind The Cancelation Of Insatiable Season 3

When Netflix hit out the screens on Netflix, the series faced contention. Even the viewers started an appeal to promote the streaming giant to cancel the series just after one season.

The viewers of the show said that the series is not accurately portraying a fatso. Then the creator of the series Lauren Gussis noted that her own experiences additionally inspire the series.

So we believe that this is often the most pressing reason for the cancelation of the dark comedy series of Netflix. So Insatiable isn’t returning for a 3rd season on Netflix within the future.


Some things patty’s character is written to do are shocking and frankly out of nowhere at times but the comedy is gold.
Dallas Roberts is always on his game, and he is an absolute show-stealer in this series! Whoever cast him for the role, he picked the perfect actor! The hard laugh and all the entertainment is due to his delivery and technique and just how genuinely funny he is, in the series.

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