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Why Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry Murder Case is Still On Trending?

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The tale of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry is a popular venue for people to communicate and discuss the murder case, which continues to draw interest on Twitter. While the case was reported in 2007 as 16-year-old Daniel murdered his friend Gabriel Kuhn for not paying back a $1.55 loan he took from him, who was four years his junior.

After the release of the autopsy report, the scandal of it has just recently surfaced again in the entire world because of the fight over something so ridiculous between the young killer and the victim. At the same time, It seems so unbelievable while discussing that both were close friends.

The incident happened the same year they met

Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn met each other in Blumenau, Brazil in 2007. They became friends because of having a couple of common interests. However, medical studies revealed Daniel Patry was mentally unstable and quickly became furious over minor incidents.

Teens everywhere were paying close attention to online multi-player games from 1997 to 2007. In the meantime, Tibia was the exact longest-running multiplayer online role-playing game ever that led to Daniel’s murder. German game developer CIPsoft created the game with Guido Lübke, Ulrich Schlott, Stephan Payer, and Stephan Vogler, four German students.

According to authorities, Gabriel stole money from Daniel. Approximately 20,000 virtual currencies worth $1.55 were involved. In the game, he received many digital coins. Patry also loaned neighbors digital currencies. Patry’s friend Gabriel Kuhn failed to repay him for 10,000 digital coins he loaned him a few days ago.

How did the murder take place?

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

In over a month, Daniel harassed and bullied Gabriel because of his unchecked anger. When Daniel didn’t hear his mother coming home on the evening of the murder, he tracked Gabriel down to his house.

Using the excuse of seeking apologies, he convinced Daniel to open the door for him. In response, Gabriel lunged at the much smaller boy and beat him until he bled.

The story goes that Daniel laughed while Gabriel bled out on the ground. Unfortunately, Gabriel threatened Daniel with revealing some damning secrets about his family, and Daniel snapped. Using a rope, Daniel Patry choked Gabriel.

According to other reports, Gabriel didn’t die of asphyxiation, but rather of excessive bleeding from dismemberment. After losing consciousness, the 12-year-old died of respiratory failure. As part of his attempt to cover up his crime, Patry mutilated his victim’s body.

Ultimately, he buried Gabriel in the attic, which was about 1.80 meters above the ground. While Gabriel was still alive, he sawed off his legs and tore out his middle part. His body was found in the attic of Gabriel’s house, while his dismembered legs were found on a neighbor’s property.

Furthermore, Patry’s parents reported that he became irritable when conversing with friends, while his school performance declined significantly. Patry’s family and neighbors rarely interacted.

As his condition deteriorated daily, he sought treatment from a psychiatrist. Patry’s mental illness remains unclear, but doctors prescribed him some pills to help him cope. Despite their best efforts, his parents were unable to change his behavior.

Killer sentenced to only 3 years in prison

Twitter, Reddit, and Tiktok are once again hosting the original images and stories shared by Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. Many people are actively searching for the first autopsy picture. It has been claimed that the images and stories are fake. The occurrence, however, was real.

Yes, Daniel Patry was sentenced to three years in juvenile prison for the murder of Gabriel Kuhn. According to police investigations, Gabriel died due to excessive bodily trauma caused by the Tibia game.

In confession, Patry admitted that he tried to hang Daniel at first but decided to cut him into pieces with a saw after seeing that he was too heavy. Many believe that the 3-year sentence he received was too lenient considering the severity of the crime.

Where Is Daniel Patry Now?

Currently, Daniel Patry is living a free life. He was reportedly sentenced to three years in prison despite accepting responsibility for his error without remorse. Due to his conduct in both social and educational matters, he was chastised. He said he would carry on his revenge in hell in his last chance to speak before going to prison. He had no sympathy for the parents of a little child who had died. In order to get $1.75 back, a tiny child had to lose his life.


Internet users, especially gamers, frequently discussed Daniel Patry’s murder. Kuhn refused to refund Patry’s 20,000 digital coins earned in the game.

The current value of these coins is $1.75, resulting in Kuhn’s family’s death. Patry was sentenced to three years in prison for murder. When he turned 18, he was released from prison.

It is unclear whether the murder was planned or spontaneous. Online activities should be monitored and monitored by parents. The threats posed by online gaming are highlighted in this case.

It has become widely known and is still discussed on the Internet today that two teenage friends were murdered. Parents should monitor their children’s online activity to prevent something similar.

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