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FIFA 21 Game Guide: Useful Tips For Beginners To Play FIFA

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When it comes to sports betting, there are a number of resources you can use to improve your decision from MLB expert picks and point spreads to odds and betting lines. But when it comes to gaming, the situation is slightly different in the sense that your success as a player is heavily dependent on skill and technique.

With enough practice, any gamer can work their way to becoming highly skilled in gaming. So, even with FIFA 21, you can improve and polish your skills and become better at the game without needing to resort to underhanded methods or cheating. So, for a detailed beginner’s guide on how to go about this, you can keep reading for more.

Your Useful FIFA Tips


When it comes to FIFA versions like FIFA 21, any gamer knows that the position of the defender is very challenging. Initially, the game was designed to offer gamers fast-paced entertainment through bags of goals, therefore 0-0 scores are unlikely to happen this frequently in the real world simply because attacking is far easier than defending.

Many players enjoy the thrill of diving into challenges assuming they can commit to them, however, sometimes it’s better to just jockey your opponent and push attackers away from risk. This way, you’re far less likely to be exposed and this will mean fewer chances of giving away fouls. You will need some concentration to do this, however, this is a far better tactic to use rather than jumping into tackles and risk bookings or free kicks.

Avoid Sprinting

Encouraging you to avoid sprinting may seem counter-intuitive to you because, typically, playing FIFA requires you to sprint everywhere. However, it’s worth knowing that sprinting not only exhausts the player, but it also makes it challenging for the player in the game to pick a pass out, control the ball, and make power moves quicker.

While it’s obvious that football is a fast-paced game, you have to strike a balance between not sprinting at all and always sprinting. Use this sparingly, preferably when you absolutely need it, and try to live life a little in the slow lane despite FIFA putting a lot of emphasis on the pace of the game.

Make Use Of The Radar

An invaluable resource to always keep in mind is the radar located right at the bottom of the screen. Very few players make use of it since most FIFA players tend to play using a relatively close camera since it allows the player to see what’s going on while bringing in the action. In reality, though, the best players always keep their heads up by constantly looking out for passes and space.

With the help of radar, you can see which players have space and which ones are marked. It’s truly an underrated tool that could be of great use to you now and in the long run.

Use Creative Runs And Agile Dribbling

When it comes to creative runs and agile dribbling, these are two attacking features that now exist in FIFA 21 and when used correctly, they can give you a tactical edge. You can expect only the best players to use these features regularly as they take the game into their hands like the legends they are.

To activate agile dribbling, you can do this by selecting RB/R1. This means that the player will now have the power to keep the ball tight to themselves so they can wait for the perfect time to knock it past the opponent and run. You see players like Allan Saint-Maximin, Raheem Sterling, and Wilfred Zaha using this technique all the time in the Premier League.

On the other hand, to activate creative runs, you can do this by selecting LB/L1 followed by a flick on the right stick. Instead of making the right run by relying on the A1 alone, you now have the ability to direct your runners the exact way you want them to go.

With features like these, your level of control is far more than ever before with the previous versions. And by using them to your advantage the right way, you can set up goals each time.

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