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Few Advices How to Write a Good Essay

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An essay tests a student’s resilience, critical thinking capability, and ability to combine these two virtues into written literature. The teacher tests several things in your essay and you must meet the expectation of your teacher.

Your essay must address the topic and the position you take must be supported by undeniable points. The essay must be relevant, clear, and original. Paragraphs must flow well, and the style must be appropriate. The following tips will help you write a good essay.

Get ready to write

You can never write an essay perfectly if your brain is not yet ready to write. Before you rush to the books, internet and other sources, get ready mentally because you will have several hours of intensive study and writing. Set your study table ready, relax, and eat healthy to supply your body with the right energy.

Read the essay prompt and understand the question

According to essay writing services UK,, if you miss the question, your entire essay will not be relevant because you will answer a different question. Read between the words and highlight every main word in the prompt. If you understand the question well, you will know what type of essay your teacher is expecting.

You will know if it’s a narrative essay, expository essay, descriptive or argumentative essay. The keywords you might note are words like discuss, identify, compare, contrast, and so on.

Create your essay topic

Writing experts from SuperioprPapers writing services say that the importance of understanding the prompt is to help you create a relevant essay topic. It is not easy to pick a topic but if you take your time, you will be able to create a relevant, eye-catching topic for your essay. You may use online writing tools to help you create a good topic or brainstorm by writing several topics on paper and eliminate the ones that don’t look good.

Come up with an essay outline

Experienced writers from professional essay writing service mention that a good essay starts with a broad spectrum of ideas. From the topic you created, think deeper and draw ideas from your brain as you write them down. Your essay will be created by diverse ideas put together into one piece. Your main ideas will help you create your essay’s body subheads and then from the subheads, you must create ideas for each.

Your essay will have an introduction, the body, conclusion, and citations. Create ideas relevant to each section and then think about the most relevant information that will flow smoothly in that section. Another important factor to consider when creating your essay outline is your audience. The ideas must be relevant to your audience.

Create the ideas into a concrete essay

Experts from rushessay.com say that with the essay topic, outline, and all the ideas for your essay, you are now ready to write a very strong essay. Your first paragraph is your thesis statement which will tell your audience what you are about to discuss in your essay.

Your next paragraph will be to introduce your essay with a mind-capturing hook. Next, go deeper into the body and discuss, argue or describe your arguments using the topic ideas you created. Use one idea for each paragraph and bear in mind the length of your essay.

The final part of the essay is the conclusion and in this section, you will give a summary of your introductory points and the points you discussed in the body. It will be okay if you state your thesis again in this section.


A good essay should hook your audience to continue reading to the end. It all starts with a good topic, a strong thesis statement, and relevant arguments in the body. Thorough editing is important because it gives your essay the final polishing to make it error-free. You will lose grades if you don’t cite your essay properly and scan it online to confirm it’s original.

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