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FAQs About The Lhasa Apso

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 The Lhasa Apso is an intelligent, noble, and sacred dog with an ancient origin. It is also believed to bring luck to anyone who owns it.

Originally, this pup was used as a guard dog in palaces and monasteries due to its alertness and ability to recognize and respond to unusual noises and activities.

It was also highly treasured such that if someone gave you a Lhasa as a gift, you could consider it as a sign of good fortune. Today most people keep them for fun and companionship. They are also very cute and bubbly.

That said, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this dog breed. You can also check out Holistapet dog guide for more information.

  • What do Lhasa Apso look like?

These poach are generally tiny, compact, and strongly built. Their long and rectangular bodies resemble those of a non-sporting terrier.

They also have shiny, long, and dense fur which often falls towards the floor. Their tail is curled up and covered entirely with fur. You will also fall in love with their tiny noses, cherry eyes, and adorable muzzle.

Although they are super energetic, they cannot run very fast because of their tiny feet. Also, they come in multiple dog colors ranging from golden brown to grizzle, white to slate among others.

  • Would they make a good pet?

Yes. The Lhasa is known to be super protective of its owner and you may find it guarding its family members.

It is also very friendly and loyal and can make a very good companion. If trained and socialized properly, this pooch gets along with kids and other pets very well.

Their tiny physique also makes them easily adaptable to apartment living. You may find them barking when bored but in a low pitch. All in all, their good temperament coupled with their cute and tiny physique makes them the ideal pets to have.

  • What do they eat?

Just like any other dog, the Lhasa is carnivorous. The survival of these species depends on good protein-based nutrition.

Feeding them is very easy as well. You can feed them any type of meat and fish as long as it is semi-moist or home-cooked or just give them dry dog food that is easily available in dog stores.

If you choose to give it dry dog food, measure it is rich in protein and free of grains. Giving your dog all the essential nutrients allow proper muscle and bone development. See this link to read a comprehensive guide about the breed https://www.thesprucepets.com/lhasa-apso-dog-breed-profile-1117978

  • Is the Lhasa Apso good with other dogs?

Unlike most tiny dogs, Lhasa likes taking the position of a leader. This may cause fights between it and other canines, especially the males.

If you have other dogs in your home, you may want to train and socialize this breed with other dogs to prevent such conflicts. Also, teaching your dog essential social skills can help it coexist well with animals like cats.

  • Are they slobbery?

Drooling is a common thing in most dogs. Some dogs will slobber less while others will slobber more. Dogs like bulldogs are known to slobber so much.

Others like the Shih Tzu and Lhasa do not drool much. Nevertheless, you should understand that sometimes drooling can be involuntary. For instance, a dog will drool at the slight smell of food.

If you notice your dog drooling more than usual, we recommend visiting a vet immediately. Too much drooling could be a sign of dental disease, blockage, liver disease, or worse kidney failure.

Are they slobbery

  • How cute are they?

The body of this breed is completely covered in long shiny fur that separates right at the middle of its face.

It also features a tiny rectangular body and small feet features with adorable cherry eyes, a tiny nose, and a small muzzle. These are among the features that make this breed stand out among most dogs. Most people enjoy tying up their hair with cute hair bands to make it look more adorable.

  • Is the Lhasa Apso good with children?

While this breed is naturally playful and energetic it doesn’t do well with toddlers. Small children are naturally naughty and clumsy and may not handle the Lhasa properly.

However, these breeds prefer the company of older kids as they are gentler. All in all, the way your dog will behave around people will be determined by how well you train it.

  • How often do they need grooming?

The coating of these poaches is thick and can grow very long and messy if left and attended to. For this reason, daily brushing and frequent trimming are required.

Most owners prefer the teddy bear cut for their dog as it is easier to maintain. However, you will still be required to brush it at least 2 times a week.

A weekly bath is also important to eliminate odor and potential pests. Make sure to brush their coats first before bathing them as it is difficult to remove knots on a wet coat. Click here for more insights.


If you’re looking for the right dog to fit in your apartment living, then this would be the right pick. Despite their tiny bodies, these doggies are super intelligent and extremely agile. Training them is easy and games like frisbee and fetch get them highly stimulated. You will find them ever in a good mood. While this dog is known to be friendly and loving it can be a little aggressive towards other dogs and strangers. We recommend socializing with them at an early age to eliminate potential fear and anxiety.

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