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CocoFinder Review- How To Check Background Of Employees

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Employers going through a recruitment process want to hire employees with clean records. It’s no secret that employees with poor records can damage your company’s reputation.

An organization’s progress depends directly on its employees. Employing the right people ensures better management, reduces fraud risk, and can prevent breaches. Turning your business into an easy target only takes a small mistake.

You will need a powerful tool capable of scanning their entire history. The purpose of this article is to review CocoFinder, one of the top tools for this, and in the different ways you can search for employment information.

It has always been crucial for employers to conduct pre-employment screenings, from checking criminal and court records to checking social media profiles.

In the 21st century, you can quickly check potential employees’ backgrounds without them knowing. Nevertheless, you may wonder which reputable site is reliable enough for you to use.

The internet provides a variety of sites. You may have many options, but CocoFinder is one of the most reliable platforms. It helps employers make informed hiring decisions by validating information submitted by applicants.

Information CocoFinder Provides

Online information finders are similar to modern search engines, in that you can enter your search query and receive similar results. The report provides you with all the information you need about a person, email address, phone number, or address of a property, which is more convenient.

This information can be found in a variety of ways on each platform. CocoFinder provides access to almost all public information services on one platform.

The service offered by the website is a background screening service for employment purposes. It is similar to a search engine such as Google. This engine is the only one capable of finding people and their backgrounds. It lets you run background checks on anyone who uses the platform without having to search through huge databases.

All you need is the person’s name and some minor details to use it. Besides providing you with criminal records, you’ll also find these things in it:

  • Traffic records
  • Photos
  • Social media profiles
  • Your potential employees’ licenses and addresses
  • Background in education relevant to recruitment.
  • Contact info of friends, family, and acquaintances

Search For a Person Using CocoFinderCocoFinder People search information

It’s easy to find online information with CocoFinder. The tools are all on the website, and it’s easy to find info. You don’t need an account to use its services. Basically, you can look around, find information, and leave the website.

In accordance with its privacy policy, you can find anything public if you don’t use it commercially. It means you can’t send them unwanted messages or calls.

This website has pretty good security. Your data is protected without a registration process. This platform’s server is encrypted, so no one can see what you search for. When you search for someone’s profile online, it doesn’t send you a notification.

It’s like the best thing since sliced bread, CocoFinder. The app makes it easy to find anyone. The list includes:

Name Search: Put the person’s first name, last name, city, and state. If you skip any of these fields, you can still search for them.

Reverse Phone Lookup: It’s super easy to find the identity of an unknown phone number. Missed callers’ identities can be useful.

Email Search: Find someone by their email address. You can use it to find a person’s social media profiles and email accounts.

Background Check: Get detailed info on anyone with a background check. You can check someone’s background by searching for their name.

People Search Directory: There’s also a name directory that you can search manually for a name. It will show you all the people with that name, and you can narrow it down by filters or overviews.

Factors that make Cocofinder So Popular

There are a lot of new functions and features thanks to better technology. CocoFinder’s popularity goes beyond its reliability, legitimacy, and authenticity. Other features include:

User interface

CocoFinder has a low-profile, precise user interface. We’ve all done Google searches. It’s clean, simple, and clutter-free. Also, it’s easy to navigate.

The search bar has options for search type and a search button. There’s also a FAQ and instructions section with simple words for users.

You can use the platform for free, too. You don’t have any trap baits or ads on the page.

Does Not Track Data

The website doesn’t store your search history. Find out anyone’s employment history, and criminal records, and remain anonymous. This means potential employees won’t know you ran a background check.

Easy to use

It is easy to use and understand. It’s just a matter of typing in the name or address of the job candidate and searching. If you’re using it for the first time, this helps you make sure you don’t waste too much time learning. It has data on over 50 states. However, it still provides data quickly compared to other sites. You can dig up data in two minutes or less.


There are multiple databases in the CocoFinder database. They’re all legit and legal. No legal issues with the tool or data. The platform also keeps your info confidential. You’re safe and anonymous. No one will know.

Quick and easy customer service

During background checks, you may have questions about the site. Their customer service lines are always open. Whenever you call, someone will be waiting to help you. Additionally, they’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It’s even easier to contact them now.


Is CocoFinder Legit?

It just provides information that's already public. Accessing this information isn't a problem. As a result, CocoFinder is totally legit. You should know what to do with the info you get from CocoFinder. If you do a background check through the service, it'll tell you how not to use the info.

Is CocoFinder Genuine?

Yes, the website is a totally legit and reliable service. It's integrated with dozens of public record databases.
When you do a search on the web, it accesses these databases and find the relevant information.

Is CocoFinder anonymous?

It only takes a few keystrokes and the website will show the caller's identity and basic info. An anonymous caller can get their family members' names, email addresses, and more.

Is CocoFinder free to use?

Unlike other background check sites, cocoFinder is free. It's free to use, and you don't need to subscribe to use it. This gives you a chance to look up anyone's background in real-time.

What are the benefits of CocoFinder?

The background check option in it lets you check someone's address, education, employment, and criminal history. Also, it lets you know if the person is involved in any sexual misdemeanors.


The platform is excellent for background checks on potential employees. With this site, you will be able to find out every detail about their trustworthiness. It is now your responsibility to recruit the most qualified candidates. It can provide information regarding credibility, behavior, past activities, and social media platforms.

Further, you have access to additional methods of looking up employment information so that you can obtain accurate information. What’s even better, you don’t have to pay for their background checks. Its servers can’t access your search records. You don’t have to sign up, no annoying ads, and no complicated stuff. Fill in the details, click search, and you’re done. You’ve got the details.

Take a look at some of the reviews on the site by people who’ve used it. It’ll help you pick the best people to search site as an employer. Having read this blog post, I hope you will take into account these points when recruiting your next employee.

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