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Cleaning Essentials To Buy if You Live Alone in Pune

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When you were buzzing with excitement about moving to Pune and setting up your new home in one of the rental flats in Aundh, you probably didn’t think about all the chores and daily maintenance that it would require. After all, there’s no nagging parents around to pick up after you here. But if you actually want to turn your flat into your home, take care of your health and have a good quality of life, it’s important to live in a place that’s clean and hygienic. And luckily, you don’t need to try to invent the wheel when it comes to cleaning your apartment. This handy list of must-have cleaning items will make your chores a lot easier, quicker and more enjoyable for you. So, check out a list of the top cleaning supplies that you should invest in:

Duster (with extendable handle)

You might not have realised it before you moved to Pune, but dust is something that tends to gather no matter how clean you keep your space. So, having a multipurpose duster is going to change the way you live. You’ll be able to clean all your visible surface easily, and if you invest in one with an extendable handle, you’ll even be able to get at the annoying corner cobwebs or the dust on your fan. Trust us, you’ll be breathing a lot better once you get in the habit of dusting regularly.

Spray bottles

It’s not just for cleaning, spray bottles can be one of the most convenient household items to have on hand. Use them to evenly distribute cleaning solutions and dishwashing liquids of course, but you can also use them as DIY Misters for your plants. Opt for glass bottles rather than plastic ones for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option, and don’t forget to label each bottle with the contents.

Cleaning solutions

Now that you have the bottles, you’re going to need some cleaning solutions to put inside them, right? Well, it’s important to choose the correct solutions for the correct tasks. Don’t stress this, a simple phone call to your mom is bound to get you all the answers you need about which type of solutions and which brand to buy. But if you want to show off your adulting skills without any external help, you can opt for a good quality multipurpose cleaning solution that will handle most of your surfaces. Add your laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid in, and you’re good to go.

Broom and dustpan

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned jhadu to make your space look spick and span. You’re probably not going to want to spend a ton of money on a vacuum in your rental flat in Pune, so investing in a broom and dustpan is the next best bet. It’s great for routine cleanings of your home, and especially handy in the case of spills and accidents. Choose a dustpan with a rubber lip so that it clings to the floor and makes it really easy for you to sweep the dust and debris away in one go.


So, you think that you don’t need a bucket since your 1 BHK flat on rent in Pune comes with a shower right? Well, think again. A bucket isn’t just for the old-fashioned bucket bath, it can be a really handy household essential to have around. You can use it to hold water and cleaning solution when you’re mopping your floors, as well as if you want to soak or rinse out some items that you want to hand wash. And when you’re not using your bucket for cleaning purposes, it can be a great place to store all your cleaning supplies so that they don’t go missing.

So, there you have it. These are the cleaning supplies that you absolutely need to buy if you’re living alone in Pune. With them, you’ll be well on your way to living the neat and clean life that you deserve.

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