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Choosing data plans in Singapore

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The telecom companies in Singapore are aware that the internet usage of its customers will vary. Some of the customers are using the internet less, they only require it for checking their email or paying their bills. Other users who are using their internet connection for online shopping or watching videos will require more data transfer. Since the telecom company has to pay for bandwidth, it will usually charge its customers according to the plan which they have subscribed to. After the customer has used the data transfer allocated, there will be no further data transfer till the customer purchases additional data. Some of the different data plans and applications for which they are suitable are discussed.

Data planss

Data plans

Customers of telecom companies do not want to waste money, paying for data transfer they will not use. The telecom companies can easily record the amount of data which their different customers are using. Then using data mining , they have formulated different plans for their customers. Those who use the internet for basic applications like checking email or chatting are using less data so the companies have basic data plans of 5 GB and 12 GB per month. Increasingly people are watching videos and other similar content online, so 30 GB and 40 GB data plans are also available.

There are some internet users who may be uploading videos to their social media account, Youtube, Tiktok and other similar video websites regularly. Compared to text and graphics files, the video files are far larger in size. So these users can opt for the plans with more data transfer like 60 GB and 90 GB monthly. There are many influencers and others who are making a living from uploading videos and they require a large amount of bandwidth. In these cases the 3 GB data daily may not be sufficient. In these cases, it is better to opt for an unlimited data plan in Singapore, so that the online work of the professional is not affected because the data transfer allowed by the package is over.

Data plans

Choosing the right plan

While those who use their internet connection only for checking email, making a few bill payments and uploading text files, may not have to monitor their internet usage closely, others who use the internet for uploading, downloading videos, movies, or watching movies online, should keep records of their internet usage to choose the right data plan. Usually the telecom provider will provide information on the amount of data the subscriber has used in the month. So if the internet user finishes the 90 GB data transfer plan quickly, for example within the first ten or five days of the month, it is cheaper to subscribe to an unlimited plan.

Other features

Internet users should be aware that though they have purchased an unlimited data plan, the speed of the internet connection will vary depending on the time of the day and day of the week. Usually during office hours in Singapore, a large number of people are using the internet, so the internet connection will often be slow. In this case, the user will have to spend more time doing any work online.

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