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All About American Filmmaker and YouTuber “Bill Day”

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Bill Day is an American Filmmaker and YouTuber. He was born on September 12, 1959. He worked as an employee for the National Geographic channel, Discovery Channel, and New York Times.

He is known for his hit series “Real or Fake,” where he uncovers the photos and videos people send him to see if they are real or fake. His partner’s name is Marcheline Bertrand.

So here we show Bill Day’s biography, including some details like Bill Day’s Wiki, net worth, age, height, weight, Dating History, family, latest news, and everything about him.

So check out the Bill Day information. Let’s explore this article to get the answers to such questions as How did he become a rich man? Was he married to Marcheline Bertrand? Is Angelina Jolie his daughter?

Quick facts


Name Bill day
Category Richest celebrity,  author
Date of birth



64 years

Place of birth New York, United States
Profession Filmmaker
Networth $500 thousand
Gender Male
Nationality American


Bill day Net worth, how he became a rich personality

Bill Day is the richest celebrity in the United States; we will provide you with all information about his previous and current net worth and how he became the wealthiest person.

According to the current source, Bill Day’s net worth is $ 5 million. His source of income is his work as a producer, writer, and director. He is an American YouTuber and hosts the show ‘real or Fake.’

Mainly, Bill Day’s income comes from his work on YouTube, which created his reputation as a YouTube star. The information on his 2023 Net Worth will be updated soon.

Estimated Net Worth in 2021-2022 $ 5 million
Previous year’s Net Worth 2020 $ 2.5 million
Annual salary Under Review
Net Worth verification status Not verified

Documentary filmmaker salary

As we told you, Bill Day is an American documentary filmmaker. How much does he earn? What is the salary of a documentary filmmaker in the United States area?
In the United States, as of Oct 9, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Documentary Filmmaker is $28.62/h.

City Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Federal Way, WA $71,794 $34.52
Santa Clara, CA $70,526 $33.91
San Francisco, CA $70,329 $33.81
Washington, DC $68,913 $33.13
Los Angeles, CA $68,719 $33.04
San Jose, CA $68,553 $32.96
Fremont, CA $68,113 $32.75
Oakland, CA $67,675 $32.54
Marysville, WA $67,379 $32.39
Jersey City, NJ $67,011 $32.22

Bill Day’s Career

In this article, we will discuss the Net Worth of Bill Day. We also provide information about his education and career.
Bill graduated from UCLA School of Theatre, film, and television. He started work as an employee for both channels, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Bill Day produced a documentary film.

He made a film about XXXchurch.com called Missionary Positions. He also produced and directed The Pussycat Preacher, a movie about Heather Veitch and her organization, JC’s Girls. He is also known for Missionary Positions (2005), Rubber Jungle (1994), and Saviors of the Forest (1993).

Bill Day’s Family, spouse, children, Dating and Relationship

On Instagram, he posts photos with his wife and daughters, Olivia and Addie. He dated Marcheline Bertrand ( activist) and helped her raise James Haven (Movie actor) and Angelina Jolie (movie actress).

He briefly dated Marcheline Bertrand for 11 years but never married. Bill Day and Marcheline Bertrand eventually broke up, and Marcheline told her children that Bill had been unfaithful to her.


Name Bill Day
Partner Bertrand
Daughter Olive
Daughter Addie
Dating Marcheline Bertrand

Social Media Following

He joined Instagram to share updates about his life and promote his videos. In May 2016, he had 10,000 followers on his first photo on Instagram. He often posts pictures with his wife and daughters. Bill had nearly 500 friends on Facebook. He is a YouTube star.

In February 2009, Bill established his YouTube channel, and he is best known for his YouTube channel, BillsChannel. That same month, “Goa Hippies from the 1960s”, he released his first video. He posted many videos about public figures. Also, he posts exciting videos. Johnny Ramone and Jon Voight are YouTube films made by Bill. His channel has over 2.6 million subscribers.

YouTube Information

Name Bill Day
Network YouTube
Channel Billschannel
Genre Travel blog knowledge
Subscribers 2.6 million
Total viewers 997 million
Years active 2009

Bills channel controversies

Generally, Bills Channel is well-regarded for its entertaining and informative content, but there have been some controversies surrounding the channel in recent years.
One such controversy involved assertion plagiarism, with some critics claiming that Bill Day stole content from other YouTube creators. He denied these allegations.
Another controversy involved Bill appearing to be promoting a product without revealing that he was being paid to do so in a video. The accusations of dishonesty and lack of transparency were made, but Bill apologized and took steps to improve his openness in the future.

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