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 Best VR 3D Modeling Software

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3D modeling in virtual reality is an ever-changing field. It is related to modeling directly within the VR program; it can also transform 2D models into 3D for VR purposes. There are many ups and downs in developing 3D modeling, but on the other side, many improvements have been made over the years.

For 3D modeling, there are many programs, but all programs are not suitable for VR because while modeling a character, you don’t need to consider all the 360 degrees of views of that character. However, for VR, there are other requirements. Also, VR demands the things like real-time interaction criteria. That’s why there is a need to consider additional things while using 3D modeling in VR.

In this article, we discuss the software that includes VR features or either specifically designed for VR. Here we give many options that are usable for the professionals and designers and help them in their job as well as for fun programs as they allow users to create an imaginative model that is not necessarily required to be purpose-driven. Let’s go!

  1. Gravity sketch:


If you want to do 3D modeling directly in VR, or if you are an experienced person in VR for 3D modeling, then gravity sketch is definitely for you and will be your best tool.

Features of gravity sketch:

  • Gravity sketch provides the landing Pad, which allows the seamless integration of the cloud platform from VR to your desktop.
  • It is possible to share a file from any device within gravity sketch. Files are exported in FBX format.
  • Gravity sketch’s NURBS surface modeling allows users to get smooth forms similar to polygon modeling. Due to this, we can make the program an optimal tool for transforming 2D designs into 3D models that can be viewed at any angle.
  • Gravity sketch is design oriented and reflects the software’s origin. Editing is effortless as it allows you to edit the control points of all your sketch lines. Its layering and lathe tools are on the higher side.
  • Gravity sketch is supported on platforms like Windows and Windows headsets (HTC Vive, Oculus rift, etc.). Also, it can be used by intermediate as well as advanced users.
  • It has high rendering speed and support for peripherals like tablets.

Initially, gravity sketch was started as a VR tool used by the auto and shoe industry to get better ideas for finished products. It took some charges previously, but in early 2021, it became free of cost for individual users, but there are customs fees for purposes like business and education. So it’s worth taking a look.

  1. Medium:

A great tool for character modeling in VR is Medium by Adobe. It can be used by users at various levels. It is best for fine-tuning VR models via sculpting.

  • Through Medium, you can preview the models in VR during their design phase.
  • Medium allows for exporting assets, and once the users have done exporting all the files, they can use all the Medium models in other programs as well; it’s straightforward.
  • As Medium belongs to the Adobe family, it’s possible to sculpt your models into Medium and texture them in Substance Painter.
  • If you have any questions, then the Oculus Medium support forum can answer any query.
  • Exporting files can be in OBJ or FBX format.
  • The plus point is that it’s free but has some limitations as it is only useful for Oculus products (Rift). So if you have other headsets, then it’s not for you.
  • Its best features are the Oculus Touch controller for sculpting, grid snapping, stamp library, and elastic move.
  • It is supported on platforms like Windows and Oculus headsets.
  1. Masterpiece Studio Pro:

Masterpiece Studio Pro

This is one of the best well-organized and solid options for 3D modeling as it can directly use your hands for modeling in 3D and VR by using your headsets and PC. Here software like Creator and Motion are used for real-time collaboration with others in a virtual space while designing your models so that you can easily share your work as soon as it comes to life. You can also live to stream your creation via social media.

  • After you are done with sculpting and painting your models in the creator program, you have to rig them using the auto-rigger function and skim them using the auto-skin process. This allows you to do your complete model in just one click.
  • Its features include advanced mesh, stamps, kit bashing, processing tools, retopology, texture painting, and a highly simplified interface. Using all these Masterpiece Pro Studio features, your creativity will know no limits. All the tutorials are there on the Masterpiece website for your help.
  • Other features of Masterpiece are skinning and rigging, it provides real-time collaboration, and it is incredibly user-friendly. It is suitable for all levels and can be used professionally.
  • It has a 30-day free trial. But then you have to pay fees like $20 monthly or $180 annually.
  • It is supported on various platforms like Windows PC, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift Headsets, and Valve index.
  1. Dreams:


Dreams are like a game compared to a professional design program. Here the gaming part means you can engage in various quests, see multiple galleries, and network with other users in VR. Dreams is an inspiring and highly creative model tool for 3D modeling directly within VR.

  • Dreams have a unique hand beam feature; by using this, you can easily reach things in VR with the help of a beam emanating from the imp grab’s tip. For newcomers, it becomes easy to access modeling and sculpting modes quickly.
  • There are many features packed into one PlayStation program; in this, you can create content that can be playable in real time. You also have the option to share your content online by using the “Dream verse” platform.
  • Unlike other software, dreams do not use features like polygon or texture for modeling, and you cannot export your creations as it is a PlayStation game.
  • This best tool can enhance your VR 3D modeling skills and creativity. It will be fun to use this tool.
  • It can be used at all levels. It is accessible to disabled persons.
  • It cost $20.
  1. Blocks:


Google blocks are one of the best user-friendly options. It’s free of cost and helps to fill the gap in VR’s low polygon modeling world. It is ideal for beginners to experienced professionals.

  • Blocks are simple and allow you to control the polygon placement. This helps in rendering models in different programs so that you don’t have to deal with millions of extra polygons later down the road.
  • Blocks use the OBJ files for exporting.
  • Blocks have great features as they can control the various sub-object elements, such as vertices.
  • The 3D models you make on Blocks can be brought into animated life using VR devices like Vive feet trackers.
  • It is suitable at various levels.
  • The best features provided by the Blocks are a six-tool pallet, ease of sharing files, and shape modification.
  • It is supported on Windows, and it is free of cost.

Overall Best 3D Modeling Software – “SelfCAD”

3D Modeling

SelfCAD is yet another excellent and lightweight 3D CAD design tool that can assist you in quickly beginning your creative journey. New and enhanced intuitive tools, a larger library of custom shapes, and more design freedom are some of the software’s standout features. The other software is very difficult to learn and adjust to, and it may take months or even years to do so.

With SelfCAD, the main objective was to provide a user-friendly interface and tools to simplify the entire 3D-creating process for students and anyone wishing to learn how to design professionally. SelfCAD allows users to model, sculpt, sketch, and create easily. Your projects are saved on the safe cloud storage provided by SelfCAD.

With everything being done online, you don’t have to worry about overloaded RAM or full storage on your computer. The ideal way for students to learn 3D design is through an interactive lesson feature by SelfCAD. Users can access SelfCAD’s fundamental parts without paying anything. Subscribed users get access to advanced capabilities, including Image to 3D and 3D sketching, which enable the conversion of 2D images into 3D and free drawing of 3D images, respectively. SelfCAD Pro and SelfCAD Perpetual license are its two subscription plans. SelfCAD Pro costs $14.99 per month or $139.99 per year, unlocking all software capabilities.


With the advancement of technology, more and more software is becoming available for 3D modeling in VR. In this article, we discussed some of the popular software for 3D modeling. We hope that you find this information helpful in selecting your required software.

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