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Best Dumbbell exercises for Biceps and Triceps

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Men with weak muscles look quite not sexy. One could argue that your arms are still on display even if you’re not always going about in tank tops and polo shirts. Women can sneak at your physique through dress shirts, but only an impressive set of guns will catch her eye through flannels and bulky sweaters.

Expert tip: Lucky for you, we’ve got the best dumbbell arm-specific routines. “Depending on your requirements, biceps and triceps days should be done 2-3 times a week”. Do all movements focus on elongating the muscle using different shoulder positions.


There is an accurate way to do everything appropriately before every workout. Complete about 5 minutes of glute activation exercises, then move next to another 5-7 minutes of the remaining activities.

– Glute Activation with Mini Bands

– Inchworms

– High Knees

– Butt Kicks

– Lateral Lunges

– Single-Leg Heel Touches

– Supermans

– A-Skips

– Any ab exercises

Workout 1-Incline Dumbbell Curl

Directions: This is a little more advanced than a regular bicep curl and is really going to hit the peak of the bicep

So make sure you pay attention to the exact form to lower your weight a little, taking 2 minutes rest between rounds.Incline Dumbbell Curl

Incline Dumbbell Curl (How to do it: You’re going to sit back on the pad holding the dumbbell.

Keep your back on the pad and your arms hanging by your side.

And curl right to your armpit just like that, so a more extended range of motion keeps that core tight and comes back down to curl up.

Do the same with both arms and breathe out on the way up.

Workout 2-Hammer Curl

Directions: With a hammer curl, you’re focusing more on the width of your bicep in your forearm.

Now there are different variations to this. You can do it together or one at a time.Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl (you’ll start just like your regular dumbbell curls. You’re not going to rotate your wrist up to the sky, peaking out your bicep.

Now to do these,

Hands at your side, nice base.

Shoulder width apart with your feet.

Loose knees, not locked out.

Elbows, not locked out.

Nice soft elbow.

Now come up in different directions.

You can come straight up, or you can come across your body. Breathing is essential during this exercise. As you come up, you’re going to breathe out.

Workout 3-Spider Curl

Directions: For a workout that’s going to get your biceps bulging-do five sets of 10 reps with a short break in

between to ensure we keep that blood circulation going and give you those biceps you’re looking for.Spider Curl

Spider Curl( get your chest down to the bar just at the height of the bench, grab your dumbbells from here hold them directly down.

Let those arms go dead straight and then curl them up to the top.

Hold them squeeze and then let them down slowly and smoothly.

Workout 4-Tricep Extension

Directions:  With this exercise, the focus will be the long hand of your tricep.

Now with this exercise, you need good balance because you’re going to go up overhead.

Breathing is also an important term in this exercise.Tricep Extension

Tricep Extension ( you’re going to start this standing behind your head with a dumbbell.

Make sure not to whack yourself.

You really want to stretch that muscle, come up, contract, and squeeze.

Again, all the way down, pull, press, and breath.

Workout 5- Tricep Kickback

Directions: By doing this, you really feel those triceps get torn up soon as you finish one side and move to the other.Tricep Kickback

Tricep Kickback (That’s how you can do- grab a lighter dumbbell go over to a bench, and put one leg up. Keep everything straight.

Keep your spine nice and aligned; keep your neutral spine on your neck.

Use your other foot for support, maintain a slight bend in your knee, and bring your elbow up.

So that your arm is parallel to the ground right here which forms a 90-degree angle; kick it back and breathe out.

Bottom Line:

Dumbbell exercises are ideal for correcting any strength or muscular imbalance between the two sides, which lets you train on one side at a time.

Barbells are indeed extremely heavy before weight plates are added; therefore, they might not be the best place to start your arm exercises.

You can attain your goals of developing distinct arms by including these modifications in your workout routine.

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