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Benefits of Live Streaming for Business in 2022

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Live broadcasts, streams, broadcasts, online interviews are a new must have for every business that wants to be in trend, get traffic and loyal customers.  Today we will consider the main advantages of conducting such broadcasts.

The year 2021 has changed a lot in the communication of companies with clients, and it has become a breakthrough year for the live streaming industry.  The growth in popularity of live broadcasts from March to April was 45%, and the annual growth rate was 99%.  Live broadcasts are at their peak, and the numbers make it clear that you need to dive into this communication option as soon as possible.  Therefore, it’s time to turn to https://trembit.com/ for help.

Marketing agencies, freelancers and digital professionals were among the first to include this activity in their arsenal.

Marketing agencies

What are the features and benefits of such broadcasts for business?

First, if there is an effective tool for interacting with users, you need to use it.

Secondly, the popularity of broadcasts really cannot be denied.  This is a very convenient format: you can create the effect of real communication, even if it is an ordinary question-answer or a tour of the office.

The well-known publication also picked up the idea and launched weekly broadcasts with guests, in which they were sorting out their wardrobe, preparing meals, studying trends and simply communicating with the audience.  The live broadcast of the interview became resonant and greatly influenced the advertising sphere.

Larger organizations also turned to live broadcasts, so during the quarantine we had time to watch fashion shows, concerts and even Formula 1.

Why video

According to research, 78% of people watch YouTube every week, and 55% watch YouTube for a few hours every day.  At the same time, more than half prefer to watch videos online rather than on TV.  Needless to say, with such a habit, it was not difficult for us to switch to live broadcasting, but taking into account self-isolation, it became even easier?

You should clearly understand that broadcasting helps create a strong bond between you and your customers, but it can also damage your reputation if you do not prepare well for the broadcast.

What you and your business can get in a short time with the help of broadcasts:

Recognition.  Live streaming is another traffic source that will never be superfluous.

Trusting relationship with the client.  Live streaming on Facebook, YouTube or another platform gives the business a face that people can meet and talk to.

High ROI.  Unlike pre-recorded videos, for which a whole team and a large budget are allocated, live broadcasts require less money, and most importantly, time expenditures.

If you just go on the air from your smartphone, then for you it is only a few hours of preparation and an hour for broadcasting.  If you use ether on an ongoing basis as a promotion tool, this is a one-time investment of up to $ 1,000.

What’s more, you can repurpose your video and use it for additional advertising.

Authority and trust.  You will immediately know what your customers need and respond quickly to objections.  Count, and have fun, and the audience analysis is done.

You can turn even the most angry customer into a loyal follower by showing them that you are willing to listen, help, and improve your service.

Therefore, the relevance in streams for various business projects will only grow.  It means that it’s time to enter this sphere.

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