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Basketball Player Dwyane Wade’s Transgender daughter Zaya Wade is in the spotlight now

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American star basketball player Dwyane Wade is one of the brightest shining stars in the NBA’s sky. Wade represented his national team In the Beijing Summer Olympics held in Beijing and significantly earned his team the gold medal.

He married Siohvaughn Funches and became a father of a son Zaire in 2002. The duo then had two more children, a daughter named Zaya and a son named Xavier. After separation from Zaya’s mother, he married actress Gabrielle Union and welcomed a daughter named Kaavia.

Zaya Wade’s age is 15 at this moment. She was born on May 29, 2007. She lives with her dad and her stepmother, Gabrielle Union. When she was 8, her family came to know that she was gay. However, it was kept a secret from social media.

Eventually, four years later, she realized she wasn’t gay and found herself a transgender woman. She was originally named Zion, and after she started pronouncing her name Zaya. Zaya WadeAll was going smoothly, unlike Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife. Zaya’s father filed a petition in court to change her name in August 2022. But her birth mother wasn’t too happy about Zaya Wade’s transition.

In that case, she accused the legendary player of exploiting their daughter for personal gain. Dwyane Wade Fired back at her ex-wife in social media post.

In their objection, Funches-Wade asks that their 15-year-old daughter Zaya “make this significant decision for themselves” when she reaches the “age of majority,” which is 18 in Los Angeles County.

On December 12, a hearing will be held to determine Zaya’s legal name and gender reassignment. Dwyane Wade’s daughter has gotten a lot of media attention. With her transition, Zaya gained even more popularity. Gabrielle and Dwyane supported Zaya and did everything they could to educate themselves and be there for their child.

Many people from all over the world showed their support for Dwyane Wade’s daughter. Sadly, she has also had to cope with nasty remarks from transphobic individuals.

Zaya Wade appears to be doing well, which is good. She has been the subject of multiple modeling contracts and has gained notoriety on social media.

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