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9 Reasons Why Ohio May be the Perfect State for You

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If you’re looking for somewhere to move to, Ohio may be the perfect place. While it’s often not spoken about, the state has many attributes that make it a great place for tons to call home. If you’re considering making a move and maybe want to understand Ohio and whether it is a good decision for you, look no further. We’ve got everything to know about Ohio right here.

Outdoor Recreation

Ohio is home to a ton of fun outdoor recreation, which makes it a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether your interest is in places to hike, fish, or even have fun family excursions from time to time, there is a perfect option in Ohio for you.

 Tax Status

Generally, Ohio is considered a good tax state to settle into. With a relatively low tax rate for residents, this benefit puts Ohio on the map for many. Compared to mega states with heft tax codes, Ohio makes it easier for residents to call the state home.

Theme Parks

Ohio is home to some pretty great theme parks. So if you can’t make it to the coasts, it may be time to visit Ohio. The popular parks include Cedar Point and Kinds Island, both complete with delicious food and thrilling rides. With different parks to choose from, the fun never ends!

The Seasons

Unlike states where it’s only one season or maybe a sunny hot period followed by a cool one, Ohio allows you to experience all four seasons every year. That means you’ll be able to experience each season as they come and even align with the holidays! You might be able to experience a white Christmas, the changing of the leaves in fall, and the summertime bliss.

Lots of Rain

Rain can be hard to come by these days, but in Ohio, it’s not something you’ll need to be worried about. Living in Ohio means more rain than most states, so you’ll enjoy the benefits. From lush greenery to full rivers and lakes for your spring and summertime fun, the rain always helps. With the additional rain, you’ll also want to be cautious about potential hazards like landslides.

Big Cities and Small Towns

For many, the diversity of a state is important, especially when it comes to living options. Luckily, Ohio has both to offer. From big cities living with booming economies and plenty to do to slow down farm life with the space to grow, there are plenty of options in Ohio. Plus, you’ll find easy access to dispensaries thanks to changing Ohio cannabis laws.

Rock n Roll Capital of the World

Music fanatics are bound to fall in love with Cleveland, aka the Rock ‘n’ Roll Capital of the World. Here, you’ll find the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum and plenty of small businesses, restaurants, and bars, all contributing to the music hub. Even if you’re not super big into rock and roll, the experience can still be a blast!

Low Costs of Living

One of the greatest draws to any destination is the cost of living. For families looking to save money without overexerting themselves, Ohio is a great place to settle down. The state is known for its friendly home prices, low prices for goods and things to do, plus the things you need to pay for, like insurance and groceries.

Convenient Location

Ohio is considered to be the Midwest which means that it has a convenient location with equal access to destinations across the country. Whether you’re planning to fly or drive, the highways and airport hubs are ready to get you where you need to go, coast to coast. Read more about Ohio’s location and accessibility benefits here.


Ohio is an excellent state to call home. With low prices and cost of living to a host of activities that appeal to people’s unique tastes, it makes sense why so many turn to Ohio to settle down. If you’re on the fence about whether Ohio is right for you, just ask yourself if the way of life and culture in the state aligns with your own.

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