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8 Awesome Unisex Gift Ideas With Budget-friendly Prices

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Admit it or not, it is not as easy as ABC to find a gift for someone, regardless of any gender. The best way, of course, is to find a present that considers any gender orientation. Unisex presents are gifts for all sexes and genders. Purchasing unisex gifts guarantees that everyone has a small item that they may use on their own rather than giving it to someone else in the house. If a guy doesn’t enjoy applying cosmetics, winning a makeup palette is pointless. 

Similarly, a girl dominating a football game is pointless if she doesn’t enjoy the sport. Another game for unisex gifts is its price. You do not want to sacrifice the quality and substance of the gift anyways. As a solution, choose the most pleasing ones that are friendly to your budget. To assist you, here is a list of some of the best gift ideas for men, women, and non-binary individuals.

  1. Wristwatches

When you said unisex gift, wristwatches are indeed one of the top choices that you can think of. It is like a default gift material for all; a universal present for all. From its aesthetics to its functional features, no one can deny its essence and value that could captivate everyone’s eyes. It fuses technology with arts that provide an instantaneous time while exhibiting an alluring charisma.

When looking for a wristwatch gift, never sacrifice integrity and authenticity. Choose the one that will make your gift receiver joyful. As a tip, find your present in the wristwatch collection of Patek Philippe Nautilus from The Watch Company. When you think about the classic Patek Philippe Nautilus, you get a great feeling, and when you see it, you get an even better feeling. The best part is when you wrap the Patek Philippe watch around your wrist and marvel at the sheer surprise it can produce. The original Patek Philippe Nautilus was introduced in 1976, and it is a watch that has been admired by all watch enthusiasts since then. This watch was launched at a period when the watch industry was in desperate need of new ideas to survive and thrive. From this collection, you can secure a durable and reputable wristwatch brand while having a unisex type of present.

  1. Succulents

This idea is a one-of-a-kind present, especially for folks who adore plants but struggle to keep them alive. The succulents are simple to care for but bring a vibrant aspect to your home that you will not regret investing in. What makes succulents extra special is that they are presentable for some holiday presents. They are indeed lovable and easy-to-care-for their low-maintenance attributes. Succulent-caring could be a hobby for all indeed, no matter what the gender, all for a very economical price.

  1. Power Bank

Never forget the power bank in these days of the digital age. Now that everyone is having their mobile phones in their pocket, power banks are quite functional for anyone. When it comes to gift ideas, power banks are always a good choice. With everyone possessing a smartphone, it’s no surprise that people are spending more and more time on their phones. Power banks are suitable for both men and women and are useful when traveling. What makes power banks extra ideal is that their price is very acceptable.

  1. Throw Blankets

Everyone loves a hug. Through a throw blanket, you can wrap your embraces through a soft cotton-made present. A throw blanket is another unisex perfect gift that works for colleagues, relatives, and even coworkers. They are popular with anyone who receives one as a present if you live somewhere really chilly. They are pretty smooth, easy to fold and transport, and are therefore suitable for everyday use. It has a very soft feel and will offer you all the warmth you require on those cold winter nights.

  1. Infused Water Bottle

All of us are composed of liquids in our body; health has no gender anyways. Health caring should not be expensive, too. Infused water is becoming increasingly popular, and if you want to help someone improve their health in such a not expensive way, this is an excellent present option. It is quite practical and, at the same time, it is available in a variety of styles and designs.

  1. Chocolates

Oh, common, who could resist chocolates? Everyone loves it, and everyone needs a serotonin-booster! From its sweetness to its thickness, chocolates are an ideal present that can captivate the heart of the gift receiver from its delectable taste. Chocolate is unquestionably one of the safest unisex exchange presents. Many local and imported brands are available online and in the physical market.

  1. Massager

Who hasn’t had back discomfort, a headache, or joint pain? Everyone needs a massage, and having a massager is the most convenient way to get one. What is notable with massager is that its variety offers bearable prices. Its suitability to any gender and age is another noteworthy attribute.

  1. Shirts

That vintage, aesthetic, gender-inclusive cloth that comes from a wide range of sizes and designs—indeed, shirts are a great unisex gift for all. A unisex shirt is a thing like: it’s a shirt that can be worn by men and women alike. Unisex shirts are different from women’s shirts in that they can be unfitted for a more traditional fit or structured for a more retail fit. Shirts for women, on the other hand, are usually form-fitting and made to embrace the body. 

Unisex shirts, on the other hand, are designed to appeal to both men and women and resemble men’s boxy type tees with longer sleeves to cater to both genders. Unisex shirts are priced similarly to men’s shirts and are typically less expensive than women’s fashions. With that in mind, unisex tees are a great way to save money and keep your margins when planning your next event or screen printing work if you want to, aside from a gift idea.

In Conclusion


At the end of the day, there is no such thing as a gift for men and women as everything could be used or worn by anyone. Society just only identifies the masculine and feminine attributes to follow, which resulted in social construct with regards to gender. Choose what you want and of course, respect the preferences of others.

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