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7 Jeep Camping Accessories You Need To Bring on Your Next Adventure

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Nothing tops weekend adventures in the great outdoors. However, for the best experience, you need to bring the right camping gear with you. While nature is arguably the best therapy, the better prepared you are for your outdoorsy getaway, the more you’ll enjoy your time outside. 

After all, being in nature does expose you to the elements, so unless you enjoy getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, you’ll want the right gear with you. In this article, we cover the camping essentials that you need to ensure that your time away is a success. From safety essentials like flashlights and tents to comfortable sleeping pads for comfort and warmth while you camp, we’re covering it all. 

With your off-roader, you’re already set up for driving through slopes with ease, but you’ll need much more to ensure that your camping trip is a success. Specifically, you’ll need seven outdoor camping essentials before you can call yourself ready to set out on your next adventure. Continue reading to learn what seven Jeep camping accessories you’ll need for your next camping trip. 

Essential Outdoor Camping Safety Equipment

1. Portable, Temperature-Changing Light

Safety first! Make sure that you set out for your camping trip with all of the safety equipment and Jeep camping accessories you need to stay safe while you’re adventuring. To start, get portable lights, preferably lights with temperature-changing options. 

Not only will different colored tones give you more ability to see clearly at night, but they’ll also help you blend in with your environment. Lights with temperature-changing tones are great for camping because they not only set the mood, but they also match the scenery you’re viewing. Bring out bright light to enhance the glow of the starlit sky. 

2. Bring Your First Aid Kit

Camping is certainly an adventure, and adventures can be safety risks. Make sure you have a first aid kit with you along with the rest of your Jeep camping accessories to address any injuries that may occur during your trip. Stock your kit with everything you’ll need to stay safe, including: 

  • Band-Aids and gauze 

  • pain relief medicines 

  • anti-inflammatory medications

  • alcohol and antibiotic sprays 

  • tweezers

  • lotion for burns and swelling

  • bug repellant spray

  • Additional items to take with you include eye drops, contact solution, and an extra contact case (if applicable).

If you’re prone to seasonal allergies, make sure to bring extra tissues with you. The mini packs for traveling are ideal for camping; they’re major space savers compared to standard boxes of tissues. 

3. Jeep Rooftop Tent: Jeep Camping Accessories

As a Jeep enthusiast, you’re likely already familiar with Jeep waterproof rooftop tents. Rooftop tents make it possible to provide campers with a convenient option for camping, no matter the weather. With a rooftop tent, you can skip the complex assembly and instead deploy it and set up shop quickly. There are even Jeep camping accessories like rooftop tents with built-in mattresses so that your sleeping arrangement is already taken care of from the start. 

4. Loft Riser Sleeping Pads And Jeep Sleeper System

In your Jeep rooftop tent, you can fall asleep on your built-in mattress and loft riser. Indeed, Jeep sleeping pads allow for a comfy, exceptional sleeping arrangement while camping. Jeep’s Sleeper System for Jeep Wranglers turns the cargo section into a flat surface for sleeping. 

You can even transform your Jeep Sleeper System into an outdoor couch for campfire time. For campers looking to upgrade from standard sleeping pads, Jeep camping accessories like loft riser sleeping pads and Jeep’s Sleeper System will do the trick. You can even get your system customized to fit the model of your Jeep if you don’t already have a 2010 or newer Jeep Wrangler model. 

Camping Cooking Gear 

5. Minimalist, Portable Cooking Stove

Your camping experience isn’t complete without superior camp cookout gear. Make sure you bring with you a cooking stove (or two) and a portable refrigerator to store your leftovers. Look for minimalist, convenient options like backpacking stoves that you can connect to your fuel canister. Don’t forget any tumblers, spatulas, paper plates, and plastic silverware to keep your meals functional while you’re in the great outdoors. A fold-down table and chairs may also be ideal to make your Jeep camping accessories complete for mealtime. 

6. Portable Refrigerator With Freezer

Make sure that your portable refrigerator comes with a freezer for the fish you plan on catching during your camping trip. Jeep camping accessories like stellar cooking gear are worth bringing along, not only for the upgrade it creates for your camping experience but because storage is easy in your off-roader. Just put your gear in your storage compartment; your Jeep’s got your back. 

7. Pet Camping Gear

Got pets? Bring them along and keep them safe and comfortable with Jeep camping accessories for your pets. Look for pet gear like a dog seatbelt and dog barrier. A car harness for your dog acts as a seatbelt, giving your pup extreme safety while traveling in your off-road vehicle. If your dog is riding in the back, keep your pup safe and protected with a dog barrier. 

Don’t Forget Your Water 

Beyond the above Jeep camping accessories, make sure you’ve got blankets, a portable generator, and containers for drinking water. Additionally, take your time estimating how much water you’ll need to tide you over for your trip. A good rule of thumb is to remember that the more remote your location is, the more water you should bring with you. Likewise, make sure that you overestimate the amount of fuel you’ll need to stay safe. 

Set Yourself Up For A Safe And Memorable Camping Trip 


Your off-roading camping adventure can be a lot of fun, but without the Jeep camping accessories you need, you might find the process a bit more tedious and challenging than you’d like. Set yourself up for camping success by including all of the safety essentials that address your basic needs so you can have a safe and memorable trip. 

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