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6 Great Tips To Help You Get TOGAF Certification On Your First Try

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To attain a TOGAF certificate and become an enterprise architect, one needs many skill development and approach building. To enhance the chance of clearing the exams and establishing oneself as an enterprise architect requires hard work, perseverance, understanding, and practice. One cannot just give it a read and think about clearing the exams at once. The required amount of balanced study and practicing out from the toolkits provided will undoubtedly yield good results.

With steep competition in the market and huge demand, the TOGAF Certification course stands tall. After passing the foundation exam, one can enroll in the system and prepare hard for the TOGAF certificate exam. The TOGAF Certification courses are prevalent in following the enterprise ideas to manage the designs and deals. It will affect the rate positively, and the users or managers can coordinate to fulfill the criteria.

So, while preparing for the exam, learn some quick tips to pass it one go:

Toolkit of the course:

The Open Group website provides a course curriculum and required kits. One needs to have a thorough preparation of the same and prepare accordingly. They offer a standardized study module with different publications, Program practicing papers, and various other study materials. They also provide free online websites to cater to your need for knowledge. Previous year question patterns are provided to keep track of the questionnaires. Various practice modules are prepared too.

Time Management:

The vital aspect of all is managing the time. One needs to prepare well for the foundation exam and then start prepping for Level1 and Level2 exams. Also, with the papers, one needs to hurry. Level1 requires 60 minutes for 40 multiple choice questions, and Level 2 needs 90 minutes for eight scenario questions. Quite a task? Yes, it is!

Understanding the evaluation and gradation:

One needs to understand the evaluation marking of the papers and gradation quite well before attempting the papers. It is not humane to attend to all the questions in such a short period. So intelligent answering is what one needs. For the level 1 exam, the time limit is 90 mins, and the pass percentage is 55, so one needs to attend a minimum of 22 questions out of the 40 questions to pass. So leaving the difficult questions, one should start the exam by solving the easier ones.

Similarly, with Level 2 scenario question set of 8, one has 90 mins in hand and access to an electronic copy of the term built into the Prometric test software. With a pass percentage of 60, the scenarios contain five marks for each correct answer and 3 for the next closest answer. So it would assist you in preparing accordingly without wasting any time.

Techniques to solve the papers:

While appearing for the level2 exams, you need to be fully aware that you provide the

PDF form of the TOGAF specifications. Instead of shying away, you can use it to extract definitions and sections which you may clearly not remember—especially article 31, where most of the specifications and illustrations will be present to solve the paper.

Decode the TOGAF language:

The TOGAF documentation has been cleverly coded with definitions and specifications in the same language. It w8ll be easy for you to learn the keywords and their intentions and remember them as well.

Patience and Determination:

Last but not least, you must be determined enough and have ample patience to deal with the pressures of the course. Nothing comes easy. It would be best if you had that focus and Determination to pass every hurdle.


Don’t lose heart if you still can’t crack it at once, and there’s always the next time. Although passing both the levels is equally important, with lots of hard work and practice, you can cross this hurdle too with flying colors. The corporate world seeks fruitful interventions and the TOGAF certification aids in helping in all aspects. Thus, the architectural sectors can manage to fulfill the needs and produce the necessary outcomes. TOGAF works all across the globe and has its hands in almost all regions of enterprise designs. Most experts refer TOGAF training course to candidates seeking a future in the Open Group forum.

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