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6 Everyday Wardrobe Essentials You Need 

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It can get confusing to know which clothing items you need in your closet versus what you want in your closet. For most, balancing wants and needs is essential for fashion success! Wardrobe essentials can help make planning outfits easier and add versatility. If you’re looking to ensure that you’ve got all the everyday wardrobe-essentials you need, here are six pieces you don’t want to forget about!

Your Cozy Clothes

After a long day of work, many people look forward to coming home and dressing down in their cozy clothes. Pro tip: To maximize your comfort, include fuzzy socks and slippers for your feet!

We all deserve to kick back and relax at the end of the day, so don’t forget these must-have items in your wardrobe. Whether you like to wear baggy pants and t-shirts, sweatsuits, or pajama pants women, it is important to include your cozy clothes in your wardrobe

Your Blue Jeans

Your Blue Jeans

Jeans are just a wardrobe staple. There are no better pants on the planet than your trusty pair of blue jeans. No matter the weather, your jeans are there to keep you comfortable. Okay, maybe not on a scorching summer day, but MOST of the time, your jeans are there for you!

Look for denim blends with corduroy for winter and fall, and lightweight denim for the warmer months of the year. If you like your jeans with more stretch, check out jeggings or training tights for an in-between look that will go with every outfit!

Tees And Tanks

Your tee-shirts and tank tops are as essential as your multi-purpose bag. You need your tees and tanks for layering and daily wear. Sometimes, you just don’t want to wear that work blouse or cardigan, and THAT’S where casual tees and tanks come in handy! Be sure to get shirts in colors that are flattering against your skin tone to make your outfits pop!

If you want to wear t-shirts in the winter, look for tees made of knit-based fabrics to stay warm! If it’s the summer, look for workout tee-shirts with cooling and sweat-resistant properties to keep you comfortable in the heat!

Your Jean Jacket

Jean jackets work in different weather conditions. They also make the perfect accessory to complete looks. Whether you want to look classic or grunge, jean jackets can pull off just about any aesthetic you create an outfit around. Look for jean jackets with intricate patterns for a unique look like no one else! For one-of-a-kind options, you can find vintage jean jackets at thrift stores near you.

Your Lazy Hair Hat

For the days you don’t feel like doing your hair, or the days you’re just having a bad hair day all around, get out your lazy hair day hat. This could be a baseball cap, a beanie, or a sunhat. Whatever you want to wear to cover up your less-than-ideal hairdo is perfect! A hat is a wardrobe essential for when hair emergencies strike!

Go-To Combat Boots

Sometimes you need durable footwear capable of holding up against harsh weather conditions. For Fall-favorite looks with leggings and sweaters (or hikes in the woods), your go-to combat boots are there for you!

Look for faux leather pairs to find eco-friendly options! Just be sure to get rubber soles, so you don’t slip! Pro tip: look for combat boots with unique embellishments on the laces!

The Bottom Line

The everyday wardrobe-essentials you need boil down to the basics of outfit creation. Consider the above essentials as you work to create a minimalist but sufficient wardrobe that allows you to create new looks every day.

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