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6 Different Ways To Personalize A Custom Stove Hood

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Let’s be honest: kitchen vent hoods are not always the most aesthetically pleasing part of the kitchen. Homeowners who want their kitchen upgrade to be the best it can be, usually plan to customize their vent hood by personalizing it in some way. For some, this is the fun part; getting creative and designing your stove covering is a chance to add to the look and feel of your kitchen.  

Considering your style and creative concepts are critical components for sprucing up the area above your stove. Beyond the apparent goal of hiding the kitchen vents, consider how you might like to see your stove hood look if you could choose the materials, colors, and designs you want. Most likely, your designs are possible and well within reach! 

If you have a style or theme for your kitchen but are unsure how to follow through on these choices with your stove hood, you’re in luck. This article discusses six ways to personalize a stove hood so that it matches the look you want for your kitchen. Keep reading to discover six ways to personalize your Custom Stove Hood, so your purchase is entirely your own. 

1. Choose The Color Of Your Custom Stove Hood 

The colors available for your custom stove hood will depend on where you go to have your stove hood created. Neutral colors like black and white are likely available, as are color trends for kitchens. Currently, colors like mauve and emerald green are popular for modern kitchens and accessories such as a Custom Stove Hood. 

Reach out to retailers near you or browse online to see the color options you have to work with. At the very least, you should have no problem finding common primary colors. 

2. Select The Style 

Most likely, you’ll want the style of your Custom Stove Hood to match the rest of your kitchen. Consider whether your kitchen is artisan, classic, designer, Euro, modern, premier, or signature, and look for customizations that echo these stylings. Whether you want a gothic overhang or a simplistic, white covering, there are plenty of ways to create your Custom Stove Hood to your liking, based on common kitchen styling concepts. The type of texture and curvature you want in your designs are also considerations to keep in mind. 

Some people want a boxy look, while others want a shapelier aesthetic. If your kitchen mirrors art deco design, you might want a Custom Stove Hood with a curved center to create a visual shift that is commonplace in art deco stylings. Ultimately, choosing the style of your stove hood is entirely up to you. 

3. Pick The Finish You Want 

Depending on where you go to have your Custom Stove Hood created, the options for the finish may vary. In most cases, you’ll get modern options such as copper range hoods, brass range hoods, and stainless range hoods. The materials you choose to go with may also be further customized with the amount of shine or gloss you want to be added to the covering. 

Matte options are also available, depending on the materials you choose. Keep in mind that if you choose natural materials, you may see signs of aging over time. The good news is that the aging spots are typically desired aesthetics! 

A natural patina from a brass or copper base only adds to the look and feel of your kitchen. Natural metals are the way to go for those interested in creating a timeless, classic look! 

4. What Type Of Fan Insert Do You Want?

Additional accessories that you may wish to include in your Custom Stove Hood include the type of fan you want to be included as an integration. The fan you choose will depend on your stovetop’s layout and how it will function alongside the Custom Stove Hood you create. Some options include integrated blowers, remote blowers, and minimalist options, including just the liner. 

You might also wish for specific framing to line the top or bottom of your Custom Stove Hood based on your retailer’s available options. Common materials for outlines include stainless steel and natural metals. The outlines that you can choose from look similar to crown molding designs. 

5. Determine The Dimensions          

Deciding on the dimensions of your Custom Stove Hood is based entirely on the specifics you have in mind for your kitchen. Consider the look you want for your custom stove hood as a good starting point. How significantly do you want it to hang down above your stove? 

You might also want a minimalistic look to avoid a cover that looks bulky above your stove. The dimensions you choose are entirely based on the starting dimensions you have to work with for your stove hood and what you want in your custom creation. 

6. Add In Accessories  

You may wish to add additional accessories for your Custom Stove Hood, such as pot filler faucets, BBQ insert fans, ventilation, and miscellaneous rangehood accessories such as clamps and dampers. The point of adding accessories is to add more appeal and features that support the function of your stove hood. The accessories can improve your ventilation, keeping it protected against damage. 

You can also find accessories such as silencers to minimize the amount of noise projected from your Custom Stove Hood. Since you’re putting in all this effort to create your ideal Custom Stove Hood, you might as well support it with the proper accessories it needs to stay sharp. Consider adding in ductless filter conversions, cleaning kits, and metal protectants as accessories that support the design and longevity of your Custom Stove Hood. 

Style Your Kitchen Vent Your Way 

Once you’ve created your Custom Stove Hood, sit back, relax, and wait for your purchase! With just a click of a button, achieving a personalized stove hood for your updated kitchen has never been easier. Style your way with options from stove hood retailers online and achieve the Custom Stove Hood you want for your kitchen.

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