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5 Lifestyle Choices You Can Make that Endanger Your Health

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Life is about the choices we make. Each day, when you wake up, you have the chance to shape how your life will go. If you make wise choices, you will likely have a good life. If you make poor decisions, it’s more likely you will suffer tragedy or become unhappy.

In this article, we’ll discuss some choices you might make that can have negative consequences. If you can avoid these behaviors, that should help you live a long and contented life.

Drinking and Driving

Consuming alcohol is not such a bad thing if you do so moderately. Like so many other vices, though, if you drink and then operate a vehicle, that can end disastrously. You can hurt yourself or someone else if you consume alcohol and then decide to drive.

Over 40% of US car crashes happen at intersections, and many of them involve alcohol. You can also cause a wreck out on the highway if you drink and then drive. Highway accidents after drinking can turn out even worse since you have likely attained more speed before hitting another car.

If you drink, then you shouldn’t drive. Even if you think you’re still under the legal limit, it’s best that you have a friend drive you home or contact an Uber if you’re at a bar. You can also drink at home, solving this dilemma.


Cigarette smoking has waned over the years since its peak. Some people still smoke cigarettes, though. Others smoke cigars and even fewer smoke tobacco from pipes.Vaping has become more popular in recent years, though. Many young people think it’s a harmless vice since you’re inhaling and exhaling vapor rather than smoke.

In reality, that vapor contains nicotine, so it’s addictive, just like smoking anything else containing nicotine. If you start vaping at some point, you can develop many health problems. Smoking anything isn’t a good idea, and if you do it once, you might make it a habit.

Drinking Excessively

We mentioned drinking and driving, but drinking too much causes its own problems. If you drink every day, most doctors consider that excessive. If you enjoy alcohol, you might drink only once or twice per week.

You might designate one or two nights per week, like Friday or Saturday night, when you can have a drink or two. If you know that you’re not drinking every day, then you are practicing restraint. You should have these restrictions everywhere in your life. You’re controlling a vice rather than it controlling you.

You should monitor your drinking even more carefully if you know you have alcoholism in your family. If you have a genetic predisposition and you’ve seen family members struggle with alcohol, you will more likely have problems if you don’t watch your intake.

Owning and Operating a Motorcycle

You might see a motorcycle in a store window and feel that you want one. You can certainly get one if you can afford it and you’re of legal age. Before you get one, though, you should take some lessons so you’ll know how to operate one. Also, you may want to look at the crash stats that go along with motorcycles.

You can crash a car, just like you can with a motorcycle. There’s a difference, though. With a motorcycle, you don’t have the protective metal shell around you that you get with a car or truck. With a motorcycle, there’s only empty air around you while you’re flying down the highway or cruising along local roads.

That means if someone hits you or you lose control and crash, you can injure or even kill yourself. Even if you’re a safe rider and follow all the rules, motorcycles have some inherent risks. You might think about your health and your family before you buy one. Maybe it’s not the best move.


You may also drive a car and have someone challenge you when you’re sitting at an intersection, waiting for a green light. Someone might pull up alongside you and start revving their engine. They want a race, and if they made some aftermarket car alterations, they might want one even more.

You should not take the bait. Racing might seem fun at that moment, but you can easily lose control and crash the car. You might also hit someone crossing the street. Avoiding these behaviors should help you enjoy your life. Staying safe must always remain on your mind.

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