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5 Great Ideas for Family Game Night

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The family game night should be a regular event on everyone’s calendar. No matter how old your kids are, there is a lot of fun to be had and memories to be made playing games together. Get the grandparents involved too.

Here are five great game night ideas to help you get started.

Simple Card GamesSimple Card Games

This is a great option for families that have children in a wider age range. Simple card games can be fun no matter how old the players are. Young kids love to play Go Fish!, and it is an easy card game to learn. All you need is a deck of cards to get the party started.

As the kids get older you can slowly upscale the complexity with games like Old Maid and Crazy Eights. When the kids get older you may have to switch up and play with non-standard cards. If your teenagers are old enough, Cards Against Humanity can liven up a family game night.

Word GamesWord Games

Some of the most fun you can have on family game night is with word games. Many of these need nothing more than some paper and some pens. You can make up your own games too, setting up house rules for word-based competitions.

Using online tools makes word games more fun and can give you some great inspiration for fun family word games. You can also use them to help solve problems in other wordplay games, such as crosswords and word searches. Family word games are fun for everyone and will help you create lasting memories for even your youngest children.


This game is an absolute classic and there are lots of ways to play it. Switch out the numbers for symbols or even names. You can make a family bingo night all about the family, folding up the names of family members and see who can fill up their cards first. A full house is everybody in a row, including your pets.

There are free smartphone apps that can help you play bingo too, calling out numbers for you if you want to stick to the traditional game. Use snacks or special family privileges as prizes. Win at bingo and you get a week off doing the dishes! Mix things up and make them fun, and funny.

Choose A Classic BoardgameChoose A Classic Boardgame

Board games should be a family game night staple. They are never the same twice. Monopoly is a classic game that can test the mettle of family members and their relationships with each other, so be careful. Trivial Pursuits is a general knowledge game that is fun for all the family, especially if you have a question set that is suitable for younger players.

If you want a long game for your family game night, why not discover Dungeons & Dragons together? This role-playing masterpiece has everything you need to adventure as a family, but younger players may struggle to keep up with the pace.

Use Tech To Tempt TeenagersUse Tech To Tempt Teenagers

Having trouble getting the tweens and teens involved? Break out the Nintendo. You can find lots of great games on platforms like the Wii and Switch that keep you active rather than sedentary. You can play online games like golf, running, and soccer or work together to solve problems on the screen.

Motion-sensitive controllers monitor movements and gauge your strength and speed as you complete or compete in sports. Adding some tech to family game night will help you to tempt teenagers out of their bedrooms and get them to join in family events.

Any one of these great family games can turn a dull family game night into a party. Mix them up through the month to help make your family night something the kids look forward to.

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