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5 Casino Myths And Tips To Avoid

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With the ever-increasing popularity of online gambling and casinos, there has also been a spread of misinformation and myths about the pastime.

The subsequent advice around these myths tends not to be useful and while it may not be malicious, it is certainly misguided and can jeopardize people’s chances of enjoying online gambling and even winning money.

So, here are some of the most common myths surrounding online casinos and how you can be as safe and secure as possible while gambling over the internet.

Online gambling is rigged

In fairness, this accusation isn’t just levied at online casinos, but land-based ones as well. Either way, it is entirely false. People can be more suspicious of online casinos as there is no physical dealer in front of them for card games, or real-life slots being spun.

It can be easy to think there is more scope for online casinos to rig their games as customers cannot see the inner workings, however this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Online casino suppliers have to undergo rigorous testing and auditing of their services before they are granted a license to trade online in their location. Most providers also make past results of games available to view – particularly for slots and roulette – meaning they are as transparent as possible.

Online casinos are more addictive

There is a theory that because online casinos are more accessible – you can login from the comfort of your own home or even while on the go – that they are more addictive. While, at first though, this might seem logical there is actually no evidence to support the theory.

In fact, online casinos have more robust infrastructure for preventing gambling addiction and an unhealthy relationship to it, as they monitor players much more. In a land-based casino, you don’t need to hand over any personal information, and the amount of time you spend there or the frequencies of your visits are not monitored.

However, online casinos track every time you login and play, as well as the length of time you spend doing so. They also know how much you are spending. With this information, measures can be put in place to help customers refrain from going too far.

The online supplier can suggest self-limits or taking breaks from playing for a spell to encourage the user to maintain a healthy relationship with gambling.

Your money is at risk

When you play with an online casino, you first need to deposit funds into a virtual wallet – this is the bankroll you then gamble with. Usually there will be a minimum amount you have to deposit before you can play.

If you’re playing blackjack for real money, for example, when you win, the winnings are also deposited into your virtual wallet, and you can then withdraw this into your bank account.

The money in your virtual wallet is stored on the servers of the casino supplier and some think this makes it vulnerable to being lost or stolen. While hacks are possible, they are extremely rare as most reputable suppliers have very robust security measures to protect their customers.

Online casinos encourage underage players

Land-based casinos require anyone who looks underage to provide relevant identification to enter and, by and large, this is an effective way of preventing anyone under the legal age limit from playing.

There are concerns that underage gamblers can circumvent this by going online and just signing up there. However, online suppliers have effective age verification systems in place, preventing them from doing so.

Online casino games change when you are winning

Some believe that online games react to your current gambling form and, if they deem you are winning too much, will respond accordingly and stop you from winning anything more.

Again, this is false. Many online casino games, such as slots and roulette, use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each play. Previous results have no bearing on the spin you’re making at that moment.

Likewise, other games use algorithms and random generators to ensure each time you play is as fair as possible. Every winning streak ends and the odds dictate that the house will eventually win, so there’s no need for an online casino to program its games to limit your winnings.

Online casino tips

With all that in mind, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your online gambling experience is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible:

  • Do your research about the suppliers available to you and always gamble with a reputable and well-established provider.
  • When creating your login details, use a unique password that you’ve not used for anything else and ensure it includes a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Each time you play, set clear limits for how much you will spend both in terms of money and time. Ensure your virtual wallet only includes the amount you’ve allocated for that session and once you’ve spent it, walk away.

Most online suppliers also offer free versions of their casino games which you can play without staking money though, obviously, you also cannot win money from these. They are a great way to get to grips with and practice certain games so that when you come to play them for money, you’re prepared.

There are many myths floating around about online casinos, but the reality is that they are a safe and enjoyable way of gambling.

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