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10 Foolproof Ways That You Can Get Discounts on Tickets for Your Magical Disney Vacation!

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There is no doubt that Disney tickets can  be expensive, with some people describing the experience as the ‘most expensive day ever.’ Many visitors have to save for significant periods, possibly, years before they get the Disney holiday of their dreams. 

The high costs and high traffic can discourage you from visiting the destination. However, there are different ways you can save on your Disney holiday and spend way less than you thought. In case you are on a budget, have no worries because here are ten ways you can save money on your first or next Disney holiday.

Stay for Longer as an Out of State Visitor

When booking Disney tickets, visitors have the option of choosing whether they are Florida residents or reside out of the state. The same goes for annual ticket passes. Florida residents have more restrictions on their period of stay, and consequently, this affects how much they can save during the trip. If you live in Florida, you can only choose to visit the destination for 1, 3, or 4 days. 

The tickets for these few days can go up to $109 per day, depending on the season. This is significantly higher than what out-of-state visitors pay for their visits. If you register as an out-of-state visitor, you can stay for 1 to 10 days at Disney. During this period, the tickets can go for as low as $54 per day, also dependent on the season. Buying such tickets will allow you to spend more time trying new things at Disney and hence is more cost-effective. 

Visit During Low Seasons to Enjoy Discounts on Tickets

Low seasons are the best times to visit any holiday destination, including Disney, when looking to save money. An example of a perfect low season period is mid-August during a weekday. Many people are free during the weekends, so tickets are likely to be high.

Summer is also ideal for most visitors. However, avoid school holidays when the kids are home which also makes the tickets more expensive. Besides the monetary relief of visiting the park during low seasons, there is also an advantage of shorter queues for the rides.

Paying a high price for your ticket then queuing for the ride you want for a significant period can leave you feeling frustrated. In some instances, the parks and rides are closed off for the day early when they hit a maximum capacity. This is another frustration that comes with visiting Disney during peak seasons. To avoid all this and save yourself some money, book your tickets early enough and make sure it’s during a low season; the incredibly affordable prices can serve as your guide on whether you are booking on a low season. 

Wait to Upgrade Your Ticket

When buying your Disney ticket, don’t rush to pay for the lightning lane, which reduces your waiting period on an actual day. Instead, get regular tickets and wait until you arrive at the destination to decide whether you need to upgrade your tickets or not. Remember, some of the parks and rides require you to pay daily for the lightning lane pass whether you use those passes on that day or not. 

The reason why it’s best to wait until you arrive before deciding to upgrade is to give you enough time to explore the area to find out whether you need the upgrade or not. For instance, you may find that the queues are much shorter than you anticipated and decide to wait. You may get to the destination to find that you are not as interested as you thought you were in the specific ride or the park that you wanted to upgrade. This leaves room for flexibility and will help you to avoid the regret associated with paying for services that you do not need. 

Get a One Day Ticket with Park Hopping

By now, you have realized that the longer you stay at Disney, the more money you spend. One-day tickets are generally more expensive than the rest. But, they are still cheaper because you only pay once for everything. You do not need to repeat expenses for food, drinks, and accommodation common among visitors who spend more than a day at the destination.

Disney is a pretty big place to explore in just a day, but with proper planning, it is possible to have the best experience. You save money with a one-day ticket, then compensate with planning to get the best outcome. Take time to find out about the rides and parks to ensure you are there before it is crowded.  This ensures you are not locked out of any of the places you want to visit.

One Park per Day

Another way to save money at Disney is to buy a one-park-per-day ticket. These tickets allow you to explore one of the parks at a time. You will get to spend the entire day at the park, which will give you enough time to move around and get familiar with whichever park you are visiting. These tickets are cheaper than the ones that give access to multiple places on the same day. 

Purchase Disney Discount Tickets from Vendors

Since Disney is an expensive destination and many visitors scramble for discounted prices. There are many vendors online and at the physical venue which can offer you discounted tickets for different times of the year. These vendors work in collaboration with the Mouse to get information on special deals that come in different seasons. It is good to note that most discounts on tickets occur during the off-peak seasons to encourage people to visit the venue during those periods. 

Avoid Getting Scammed by Fake Vendors

One sure way to lose your money fast is to get conned by vendors purporting to work with Disney, while in reality, they do not. They will often sell you fake tickets, which will be declined when you want to enter the venue. One sure way to identify a scammer is to review their discounts. 

Fake vendors lure their prey with incredible and uncommon discounts that are unmatched by other vendors. They also thrive in obscurity and do not provide you with full details of their business. They also have a temporary address, shallow bestie, or a temporary booth at the location. Even though you want to save as much money as possible on your trip, make sure you do not fall prey to fake vendors. Having a credible referral from family and friends as well as checking online reviews is one way to avoid getting scammed. 

Use Predictions from Disney Genie to Avoid Paying for Lightning Lanes on Disney Genie

Disney Genie has made life easier and faster for visitors who are tight on time. You get to skip the line and get priority when visiting different places and rides. To ensure that you don’t pay for the express lane unnecessarily, use Disney Genie to look up data that can inform you of when the queues are short or long. The data can guide you on which places to visit and at what time to avoid long queues that necessitate extra payments. 

Book Tickets Online Beforehand and Have Them Shipped to You

Booking tickets early enough can help you save money as you get time to browse through the available offers and discounts for different periods. Often, when Disney expects a dip in the number of visitors that will come to the venue, they provide special offers beforehand. 

The main aim is to get as many people as possible to book as many slots as they can to avoid a significant dip in the numbers. Wait out for these deals by taking time to browse online the discounts from different vendors and book your slot early enough when the deals are still available and have the tickets shipped to your location. 

Have a Plan for Your Meals and Accommodation

Many visitors who visit Disney spend more than a day at the venue. Out of state visitors have to consider some additional expenses like food and accommodation for themselves and their families. If you plan to stay in the neighborhood for a while, take time to look at the best deals possible. Some vendors volunteer this information freely and let you know some of the places you can get these services at an affordable price. This will bring you some financial relief by reducing your expenses dramatically. 

There are several ways you can cut costs when visiting Disney on your first or next visit. Try booking your slot early when you notice discounts. Visiting during the off-peak season is much cheaper than during peak seasons. Identify the vendors who have the best deals but ensure they are legitimate before making your payment. When buying your ticket, do not upgrade before you know whether you need to do so. Take advantage of predictions from Disney Genie to know when the lines are shorter to avoid paying for the Lightning Lane.

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