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10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas Any Newly-Wed Will Love

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Tying the knot is a huge step for any couple. So if you know someone who is taking the leap, it is best to give them something that they can use daily. In the modern era of marriage, couples usually register the gifts that they want to receive on their special day. But there are still a handful who let their guests bring what they can and don’t register. The great thing about this is you can be as creative as you want when it comes to your gifts. And if the couple is close friends of yours, then it will be easier to get something that they truly want. If you are still racking your brain about what to get them, then don’t worry! We have compiled some of the best off-registry gifts that will delight any couple! 

1. Couple Watch from Tissot

If you have the budget and want a gift on the boujie side, then we suggest that you give them wristwatches. Watches symbolize that you cherish every moment with that person. One of the best brands that you can check out is Tissot. The T-Classic collection is a great line of timeless models. It is also a great luxe memento for those who want to bring out the big guns in gift-giving.

2. Beddings

Helping someone get a good night’s sleep is the best gift that you can ever give to someone. If you want to give the happy couple something functional, then beddings make an excellent choice. Duvets, coverlets, and toss pillows are underrated gifts that are elegant. Satin is usually a famous pick. As for the colors, it is best to stick to the neutrals or the classic white sheet. If you want to take it one step further, you can have the beddings monogrammed. 

3. Airbnb Gift Cards

If the couple has wild, free spirit vibes then you can help them fund their next adventure! You can do this by giving them some Airbnb gift cards. Certainly, most newlywed couples have their dream destinations. It is also a great gift if the couple is overseas since Airbnb gift cards are sent via email. Gift cards range from around $100 and $300. This gift card is also a great last-minute gift for any couple!

4. Drinkware Sets

Usually, newlyweds start their life from scratch, which is why you can never go wrong with any kitchen essentials as a gift. Libbey’s 18-piece assorted drinkware set is the best gift for any couple. The variety of glasses are perfect for any occasion and any drink that you want to mix. This specific set comes in four shot glasses, four zombie glasses, four margarita glasses, and four poco grande glasses! Libbey also has different drinkware sets to choose from! 

5. Mixology Bartender Set

What better way to celebrate a wedding than having booze! But the fun does not have to be over after the reception. Creating the perfect cocktails means that you need to have the correct tools to make them. You can personally send the couple a mixology bartender set, which they can use to entertain guests. The Umami Mart has a curated set perfect for couples that adore Japan. But if you want to give the happy a full set, Mixology and Craft has a 10-piece set that is perfect for any mix!

6. A 1000 puzzle piece

If the newlyweds are a couple of home buddies, then you can give them something that they can enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The Michael Storrings Paris 1000 Piece Puzzle is the perfect gift for them! Michael Storrings is an award-winning designer and illustrator who has several puzzle sets to choose from. Each design is whimsical and equally challenging. 

7. A honeymoon photography session

Most couples hire a photographer for their special day to capture every moment. However, most of the exciting things that newlyweds would also want to remember happens during their honeymoon. If the couple is up for it, you can pay a photographer that can accompany the newlyweds throughout their honeymoon. Say goodbye to honeymoon selfies and hello to Instagram-perfect photos! Flytographer is the best site to check for hiring local photographers.

8. Personalized Couple’s Christmas Ornament

Anything personalized is always a great idea for a gift. One thoughtful thing that you can give are ornaments! To give you an idea, you can put their names on the ornaments, create a cartoon version of the couple, or you can even directly print their photos. Whatever ideas you may have, the couple will surely appreciate it! 

9. A Spa appointment

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially for the bride. That is why it is important to de-stress a few days before the wedding day. So before the big day, you can offer a spa appointment for the couple. You can offer to pay for a 60-minute massage, facial, or steam sessions. If you want to amp it up a bit, you can also offer to pay for their dinner after their spa appointments. 

10. Sponsor one of their dates

Many couples get several things for their wedding gifts. Instead of doing the conventional, sponsoring one of their dates can create memories that they will cherish forever. The best thing about this is you can tailor it according to the preferences of the couple. If they both enjoy wine, you can set up a wine tasting date. If they love the outdoors, you can sponsor a short trip for them to enjoy nature! You can also collaborate with the newlyweds so they can make the most of the experience. 

Make their days extra special!

Weddings are a huge milestone in any couple’s life. If you want to make it more special for them, then you can invest in something that they can cherish for a long time. They say that wedding gifts do not always have to be expensive. And while that is true, it will not hurt to be a little extra if you know the couple personally. Bookmark this list for the next time your favorite couple gets married.

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